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Netflix BLOOD OF ZEUS Parents Guide Review

Netflix’s Blood Of Zeus mixes Greek mythology and anime in this perfectly crafted season with an ending that will leave you begging for a season 2! But is it appropriate for kids? Check out my parents guide!

BLOOD OF ZEUS Parents Guide

Netflix’s new series Blood Of Zeus has dropped this week and it has the anime community cheering with delight!  To be honest, I am typically not a huge fan of animated series but this one in particular sparked my interest because of the Greek mythology aspect behind it. I find Greek gods and Greek mythology fascinating, so just by the name of the series alone “Blood Of Zeus“, I knew I had to check it out! However, is the series appropriate for all ages? Check out the details in my parents guide.

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Netflix Blood Of Zeus Parents Guide

The story of Blood Of Zeus centers on Heron, a warrior who learns that he is the bastard son of Zeus but was rejected at birth. Heron sets on a journey to confront his past and save the world from a demonic army. Along Heron’s journey, he comes in contact with many of the Greek gods we know from our History books and brings them alive in this soap opera like series.

The series gave me a Game Of Thrones like vibe, as the twists kept coming but also the gods were always scheming and using eachother as some sort of chess piece in their scheming plots.  I mean, even in the beginning you get a whole Maury Povich type of scene of “Who is the father?!?!”  And while I don’t want to reveal too much, because there are so many spoilers and I definitely don’t want to ruin it for you, I will tell you that for an animated series, this is one that everyone will enjoy!

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Is Blood Of Zeus Appropriate For All Ages

Parents need to know that this animated series is not for the faint of heart, in terms of violence.  It deals with a mix of anime and Greek mythology, and lets just say we see lots of battles, fighting and bloody scenes.  Even though this is an animated series, I even turned my head at a couple of the more bloody parts, because I don’t really care for blood and gore.  So, if you have a kid that is sensitive to that, it is something you may want to look out for.  In saying this, I have watched my own teens play video games and the blood/gore I watched in Blood Of Zeus wasn’t anything worse than I have seen in those video games.

While the series does not have sexual content you need to watch out for, there is language to be aware of.  The word “bastard” is used often, but in a way to describe the character, however they use the term often.  I did not come upon any hardcore cuss words.  Well, some characters was also called a “whore”, so there was that.  The series does deal with demons, so if you are a parent that does not want to expose your kids to those sorts of beliefs, then you will not want your kid watching this. I mean, I myself am very lax as far as these concerns but I know some parents that do not celebrate Halloween because of demon spirits, so I just wanted to put that out there for those parents.

Overall Thoughts

Netflix’s Blood Of Zeus is an eight episode series, with each episode running about 30 minutes long, and is so enjoyable you will fly through the season in one sitting!  With the Greek god flare added, you feel a sense of familarity but with all the crazy amounts of twists and turns throughout, it will leave viewers wanting more after each episode.  The voice overs, strong characters (especially female ones) and gorgeous animation, makes this series another winner added to the Netflix animation catalog.  And the cliffhanger at the end, well lets just say, season 2 can’t get here fast enough!

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