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Amazon’s Blumhouse THE LIE Parents Guide – Movie Review

Amazon Prime’s Blumhouse film, The Lie, takes viewers on a topsy-turvy ride with a dramatic end which will shatter you out.  Check out my parents guide movie review.

The Lie Movie Parents Guide

I’ve been enjoying these Blumhouse films that are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video!  One of my favorites, and not so favorite is THE LIE movie.  THE LIE is one of those movie which is so good, you are glued to the screen, can’t believe the crazy twistis but it will have you screaming NOOOOO!!!!  It is suspenseful, I wouldn’t call it scary, but definitely a thriller to enjoy. How appropriate is for kids? Well, check out the details in my parents guide.

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The Lie Movie Parents Guide

The plot is simple enough, a troubled teen name Kayla (Joey King), her friend and Kayla’s dad is driving in a car together to attend an event.  Kayla’s parents are divorced and she is visiting him for the weekend.  The girls ask her dad to stop the car and they run off into the woods.  When the girls don’t return, he goes to find them and sees Kayla standing on a bridge in distress.  Come to find out, the girls got into a spat and Kayla admits she pushed her off the bridge.

This leads to Kayla’s parents coming together to protect their daughter and cover up her “crime.”  The lies compile, leading to some crazy cicumstances with an ending which will blow your mind and leave you shattered.

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Age Appropriateness Of The Lie

There is definitely violence to look out for in The Lie, while you never see the body of tKayla’s friend pushed over the bridge, you do see someone hit by a car and it is a gory site! Other graphic scenes which may be a bit disturbing is Kayla shows her arm, where she cuts herself and she continues to talk about how it helps her deal with life.

As far as sexual scenes, there is none.  However, there is graphic nature you may want to look out for, including the F-word.  Personally, I feel comfortable letting my teen and preteen watch this film and I believe they would enjoy it.  The middle does have some slower parts but the suspense and the crazy twist ending will make it all worth the watch.

Overall Thoughts

I enjoyed The Lie and those who have watched it, all I can say in response to them is “that ending tho…”  Seriously, I’ve said it before, the ending will leave you completely shattered! As parent watching the film, it begs the question and has one evalutating how far they would go to protect their child. It is definiely a story about devotion for those you love unconditionally but also looks at “kids these days.”  I don’t even spank my kids but I sure did want to jump on screen and put that Kayla over my knee!  When a movie inflicts these kinds of emotions, it would be a lie to NOT call it a winner!

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