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Borat 2 Analysis Of The Rudy Giuliani Pecker-Gate

Borat 2 Rudy Giuliani

Borat caused quite the stir yesterday for the now “infamous” Rudy Giuliani Pecker-Gate scene where Rudy literally got caught with his hands down his pants in the new Borat 2 movie!  Well, I received a screener of the film and had the chance to watch it last night, just so I can report back on PECKER-GATE 2020!

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Borat 2 Rudy Giuliani Scene Breakdown

Listen, I am the last one that would ever take up for Rudy Giuliani but I do want to add a disclaimer here: The actress playing Borat‘s daughter, was actually posing as a reporter to interview Rudy.  She does not look underage, and in fact during the interview it looked like they were drinking an alcoholic beverage. So those claiming he was trying to hook-up with an underage girl, I disagree.  In saying this, that doesn’t make anything about the scene “okay.”

The entire scenario was uncomfortable to watch, from the way the actress was flirting with Rudy, and the way he responded back, comforting her by saying “I’ll relax you.”  Gross.  It wasn’t just the words but also the sneering, creepy smile he gives her, as he tells her she “looks pretty good.”  It was obvious he was looking at her like some sort of piece of meat the entire time.

Borat 2 Analysis Of The Rudy Giuliani

When the interview was over, she suggests they leave the interview room and “have a drink in the bedroom.”  Now when they enter the bedroom, Rudy has his hand on her, rubbing her back and side.  He then sits down on the bed, as she bends over to remove his microphone from under his shirt.  At this time, Rudy pats her bottom and asks for her phone number and address. Gag. The scene feels like watching one of those “To Catch A Predator” scenes, just before Chris Hansen busts in.

Now this is where it gets interesting.  After she removes his microphone, he does lay down and it in fact appears he is tucking in his shirt. However, his hand stays down in his pants an awfully long time, even moving around in a particular area 4 or more times.  Not to sound too crude, it looked like he is “priming” himself. If you know what I mean…!

It is at this point, Borat bursts into the room yelling, “Put down your crum!”  It was Borat that saved Rudy because I am convinced if he would have let it go further, we all would have seen “lil Rudy.”

So, there you have it! The breakdown of the Rudy Pecker-Gate scene in Borat 2, you can watch it for yourself tomorrow, Friday October 23rd on Amazon Prime.  And check back for my full Borat 2 review!

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