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The BEST Netflix Emily In Paris Quotes

Emily In Paris Quotes

Netflix’s has a new show which totally reminds me of Sex In The City, called Emily In Paris.  I use to watch the girls in New York City, ALL. THE. TIME. I was totally sad when the show went off air, but this new Netflix show has given me life! And you know, I took down some of my favorite quotes from the show! This cute show really gave some great ones!  So, check out this collection of Netflix’s Emily In Paris quotes!

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Emily In Paris Quotes

Fake it til you make it.

I’m not worried, it’s the French who should be worried.

Chambre de b– Um, it means, the room for the housekeeper. The top two floors were typically reserved for the servants. The space is small but the view…

Oh My God! I feel like Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge.

Of course, I love Paris. And the food is so delicious. The fashion, so chic. The lights, so magical. But the people, so mean.

Chinese people are mean behind your back. French people are mean to your face.

I think the Americans have the wrong balance. You live to work. We work to live.

I usually please men. Prefer. I usually prefer men.


You never flirt with another woman in front of your mistress. It’s worse than doing it in front of your wife.

So here, the customer is never right.

Yeah try his meat, Emily.

I don’t know how to do long distance.

The irony of menpause. Just when you have the time to really explore your mature, adventurous, sensual self the vagina goes on strike.

You would like to destroy our French soul.

Desire does not mean lack of respect. In fact, quite the opposite. It is a sign of respect. There is no bigger compliment.

Now that you’re single, why don’t you go find some French D.

When in life, one has to balance sweet with stinky.

Sometimes the best relationships are complicated.

Well they think I’m an influencer. Maybe I can influence them to stay at Savoir.

Our dreams transport us to magical places that we try to capture in film, music, and art. But we only dream when we sleep deeply. The superior quality of Hastens beds allows us to dream our best dreams, but why must that only be in our bedrooms? Why can’t it be under the stars?

You are the best type of influencer. One that doesn’t realize the type of influence they have over others.

You are clearly under the influence. You’re high on Paris and your followers are falling for that.

You’re the enemy of luxury because luxury is defined by sophistication and taste, and not by emilyinparis.

Beyonce is worth far more than the Mona Lisa.

The wonderful thing about Paris is nobody judges you for doing nothing.

It means basic, he called you a basic b*&^%.

You think ringardes don’t respect designers. We worship designers so much that we spend all we’ve saved on a dumb accessory just to feel like we’re somehow on your runway. You may mock us, but the truth is, you need us.

Without basic b*&ches like me, you wouldn’t be fashionable.

How about you do you, and I do me.

I want to see life, the hero tortured for his love, and the actors naked.

We didn’t come here to be who we are back home. We came here to lose ourselves and find adventure. This isn’t just a drink. We’re not just at a bar. We’re on the precipice of the rest of our lives.

I’m not somebody who care share a crepe. I need the whole crepe.

I told you. His coq is the best.

Well, since you didn’t get to try my eggplant, at least you’re enjoying my coq.

Flutes are a more practical choice. But coupes are sexier. They were modeled after Marie Antoinette’s breasts. They are the ideal size and shape to deliver pleasure.

We can make your brand the official spray of Paris.

She’s been pitching an entire beverage campaign based on ejaculation, and she doesn’t know what the white is. It’s the spray, Emily.

It felt more like I was being punked by a couple of jackasses.

Fashion respects the people who wear it. This is disrespectful!

Get out of my office, clean out your desk, don’t show your face here ever again.

Sometimes your dream is somewhere you didn’t expect it to be.

I’m really going to miss your omlettes.

Why wait to start my new life?

The old guard is back. The new guard is ringarde.

I think you will be a much better fit for my husband.

I don’t think there is anything left for me in Paris, anyways.

Thank you, for making my last night in Paris so memorable.

I thought about this so many times.

It’s not like I can’t see you again, it’s just that, I don’t think I should see you again.

We never really had a chance but atleast now, we have this one perfect thing.

You have potential but you lack polish.