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30+ BEST Netflix Hubie Halloween Quotes

Hubie Halloween Quotes

Netflix has a new movie for this Halloween season, starring Adam Sandler, called Hubie Halloween!  I have a review coming soon, which will be linked down below, but in the meantime, you should enjoy these quotes from the new film. I always enjoying jotting down some of my favorites from films I enjoyed, but you know with Adam Sandler behind the helm, I thought these would be some really fun ones to share!  So, check out this collection of 30+ of the best Netflix’s Hubie Halloween quotes!

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Hubie Halloween parents guide

Hubie Halloween Quotes

Did you go pee-pee while you sleepy?

I hope you get more tricks than treats.

Maybe boner donor means I donate mistakes.

And I am so proud at how hard you work to make sure that Halloween is safe and fun for everyone in this town.

My momma wouldn’t break up the furniture if you hadn’t bought that cheap Ikea stuff and put it together with a butter knife!

People die every day dummy. They don’t skip holidays.

If you get dirt on my good funeral shoes again, I’m gonna bury one up your butt.

Maybe you should go as a butt-faced, red-haired piece of dog puke who’s reading at a second-grade level even though he’s 11.

Hubie Halloween Quotes

You’re a smart Cooky.

Hubie Dubois is probably the nicest guy in this town.

Boy, that nickname spread like warm peanut butter.

I’m asexual but that girl’s making me hella horny.

Scooby Dubois on the case.

Watch it G.I Jacka**.

Excuse me, Grandpa Thermos, you need toleave the party right now.

I realize I might have gone too far for your teenage mental capacities and that is a boner on my part.

Give a hoot, don’t pollute.

It’s always the quiet ones who get the most naughty.

Trick or treat. Smell my feet.

You are the best person I know. You’re always thinking of everyone else and never yourself. But I guess that’s why you are a hero.

Hubie Halloween Quotes

I’m going to do what I do every October 31st. Make sure every citizen in this town is safe and protected.

No! But there is a number that needs to be dialed immediately. 911!

I just want to tell you that I have been in love with you since second grade.

I can’t believe that I spent three years with a self confident for no reason, beared, huuman ogre with I could have been with you.

I feel a lot of pressure to be cool all the time. I’m jealous of Hubie being able to be himself.

Damn him and his hope!

He can weather all of your insults and your thrown objects, and he responds with humor and kindness.

Just know I will always love you and happy Halloween.

That was me actually, I had a case of the midnight munchies.

Also, happy Valentine’s day. I’m talking to you Violet Valentine.

Hubie, do me mine.

Happy Halloween to all and to all a good fright.

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