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25+ Best Netflix OVER THE MOON Movie Quotes

Netflix OVER THE MOON Movie Quotes

Netflix has a new animated movie that was released yesterday, October 24th called Over The Moon. The film was a delight, amazing story and great animation!  Like I enjoy doing on films I love, I jotted down some of the best and my favorite quotes from the film.  So, enjoy the 25+ best and my favorite Netflix Over The Moon movie quotes.

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Netflix OVER THE MOON Movie Quotes

A beautiful woman, and a handsome man, were in love. But she accidentally took a magic potion and floated away, leaving her true love behind. Now she waits for him on the Moon.

So, when the moon is big and round, that’s when the space dog doesn’t take bite?

And when she cries, her tears turn into stardust.

Oh, poor lady. That Goddess. So lonely up there on the moon, dreaming of her one true love.

It’s not a silly myth! It’s real. She’s on the Moon, right now, waiting for her true love. Right, Ba Ba?

Each one holds a message from the moon above. Cherish life and everything you love.

It’s you and me, Bungee. We’re the last true believers. We’re going to prove she’s real.

Netflix OVER THE MOON Movie Quotes 1

There are memories in these moon cakes. All the memories shared with you.

I’m keeping these sweet moon pants. Dig it.

Magnetic levitation is the coolest!

I’m probably allergic to dates.

I announce a competition! Anyone who helps me bring me my one true love back, will get their wish granted.

The hairy crab invades local waters, damaging fishing nets and native species.

I hope you like dingbats because you are going to be seeing a lot more of me.

You know what I heard? You’re a 3,000 year old lady who ate both immortality pills! Now you live alone forever!

I’ll never see Houyi again. Will I?

You can take the cape, but I’m keeping these sweet moon pants!

I’ve never seen them this ravenous!

Netflix OVER THE MOON Movie Quotes 2

This mission is about to get bumpy.

Every moment we have is a chance at something new.

Do you ever feel afraid? Curl up when you are hurting? And hold your memories tight to you? 

Why did I ever let those bikers into my life?

I would love have a brother. But then again I’ve been alone for a thousand years. How many years have you been alone?

Everything looks better when your tummy’s full.

Our two halves can make us whole again.

Our love is forever.

The pain is overwhelming when a loved one dies.

This things that you’ve been searching for have been here all along.