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Collection Of Disney’s Once Upon A Snowman Quotes & Review

Disney’s Once Upon A Snowman is a short based the snowman we all know and love, Olaf! Coming to Disney Plus this Friday, October 23rd, check out this list of the cutest quotes and my review!

Once Upon A Snowman Quotes

Disney Plus is the gift that keeps on giving, they first announced Disney|Pixar Soul is releasing on the platform Christmas Day, and now we are getting an extra treat with the short Once Upon A Snowman.  It tells the story of Olaf, the moments right after he was created, and gives us all those warm lovable feels.  Of course with it being Olaf, the short gives us some funny and super cute quotes.  Check out this list of some of my favorite Once Upon A Snowman quotes and my mini review below!

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Once Upon A Snowman Easter Eggs

Once Upon A Snowman Quotes

I’m alive!

I can juggle! No I can not, I got too confident there.

I appear to be some sort of snowman.

I’m having a bit of crisis of identity.

Anybody missing a snowman?

Once Upon A Snowman Quotes 1

Wandering Oakens? Did you know if you scramble up those letters it’s an anogram for naked Norweigens?

I kind of look like a Fernando or a Trevor.

Summer? It’s beautiful!

I’ve never identified with so much in my whole life. It’s like Summer and snowmen just belong together!

Have you seen our butt?

You need this even more than I do.

That felt just like a warm hug.

I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs.

Once Upon A Snowman Review

Once Upon A Snowman Review

Disney’s Once Upon A Snowman is only an 8 minute short but in that time it packed so much warm hugs, laughs and all the Disney magic!  In Frozen after Elsa creates Olaf, we know very little of what happens to him and in fact, he is not seen again for another 20 minutes of the film!  This fun little short fills in those gaps and brings to life once again the snowman we all know and love.

For many fans, including myself, Olaf is by far the best and standout character in Frozen! I think it is his heart (always wanting to give warm hugs) and his humor (Samantha?) which makes him a fan favorite.  Once Upon A Snowman captures both heart and humor and I’m going to be honest, it had me clamoring for more!  Are you listening Disney Plus? Olaf fans are now eyeing you to give us an Olaf series, make it happen!  Please….?

This short delivers everything to perfection.  When I first saw Frozen on the big screen, the first thing I said was “Wow, the animation was outstanding!”  Once Upon A Snowman gives us that beautiful animated Frozen world once again. And the music, well lets just say to be prepared to hear your child singing “Let It Go” over and over and over again.  This snowman short gives viewers all the magic you would expect from a Disney short film, and more! Watching it “felt like a warm hug.”

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