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55+ Shockingly Explosive Spontaneous Movie Quotes

Spontaneous Movie Quotes

These days I know many are looking for a good film to watch, something different and off the all fun.  Well let me tell you, Spontaneous movie should be on the top of your list!  I will have a review coming soon and it will be linked down below but in the mean time, enjoy some of these amazing quotes from the film.  Yes like I tend to do, I jotted down some of my favorite lines from the film and this one had SO many I enjoyed!  Check out this list of 55+ shocking Spontaneous movie quotes.

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Spontaneous Movie Quotes

This isn’t right, she’s just a kid. –Mara

It happened again. It happened again, a lot. –Mara

Oh holy sh*t, you’re the guy, you have a crush on me. –Mara

Kaitlyn exploded in the middle of pre-calc and got me thinking about life, in an ironic way. And what would happen if I popped, ya know. And then you said, it might happen again. It made me think I gotta get sh*t done, in case she’s right. –Dylan

I’m sad I missed it and that makes me feel terrible. –Mara

Your sexiness is unavoidable. –Mara

You wrote a poem last spring that made me feel like you understood me, even though we barely talked. –Dylan

When Kaitlyn died I didn’t see you anywhere. You had two backpacks, one of them was hers. –Dylan

I had a moment with you, when I knew I liked you. –Mara

Popping was given the sexy moniker of the “Covington Curse”. Stupid curse. –Mara

Just get me through to graduation. –Dylan

Spontaneous Movie Quotes 1

I’m writing this book called all the feels, it’s about this guy when he touches people, he takes all their feelings and then they die. –Mara

After my dad died, I’d go to this old barn with a tape player and dance by myself. To like Bon Jovi. I’d just cry and dance. –Dylan

They’re not just people, their seniors. –Dylan

It could be worse right, we could be Republicans. –Mara

Scared people all want the same thing. To survive. –Agent Rosetti

Never know when the Feds are gonna f*&^ ya. 

They won’t come out of me, they won’t come out of my clothes. –Mara

It really f*&^ing sucked. –Mara

What the hell is this ET bullsh*t. –Mara

I think, this is our life now. –Dylan

So, our beloved government quarantined us in tents, tried to make pills that would keep our blood inside our bodies. It was a blast. –Mara

I’m so bored. How long do we have to stay in this condom? –Mara

How come when someone from Washington says we are doing everything to help us, it usually means that nothing is getting done and we’re all screwed? –Mara

Unless this is a magical slideshow that can cure us, I don’t get what you are doing that can actually help us. –Mara

If you can’t fix us then just tell us. –Mara

She’s pretty professional, for a b*tch. –Mara

This feels like a trap. –Mara

It’s like this, except with more anxiety and more terror. –Angela

It’s my body, but in a sexual manner. –Mara

Spontaneous Movie Quotes 2

I’m just so glad I didn’t explode all over you. –Dylan

I’m not going to sit here and tell you everything is going to be okay because that’s bullsh*t. –Teacher

You don’t think its done, do you? –Mara

Maybe he would like to know, he’s not by himself anymore. –Mara

The last thing I want is for you all to feel like science projects. –Dr. Rolanda

I’m just glad you’re still here. –Dylan

A fragment of his jawbone hit my forehead. I never felt it. I never felt anything. –Mara

All I remember is wanting to die. –Mara

You have a brand new cocktail, which I call all my new friends and boyfriend are dead. –Mara

I’m losing my mind, I don’t want to die. –Tess

You want to stop existing until you actually stop existing. –Tess

I’m gonna die in a giant explosion full of blood, probably all over you, feel better? –Mara

I just want to say I’m sorry for killing everyone. –Mara

I love you too. –Mara

I just thought you were in a lot of pain and didn’t know how to deal with it. –Dylan’s Mom

I’m so scared all of the time. –Mara

None of you deserve this. But deserves got nothing to do with it. –Dylan’s Mom

What am I suppose to do now? –Mara

After a few months, there were no more explosions. everyone left and we were free to leave. –Mara

Spontaneous Movie Quotes 4

I think they just want to sell me pills for the rest of my life. –Mara

That sappy shit is gonna suck. –Mara

I didn’t die, I guess I’ll never know why. –Mara

The world is a f*&^ing cool piece of sh*t and nothing makes sense and the only thing you can do is put your middle fingers up and be like f*&^ you. Life suck my d*&^, I’m gonna be amazing in spite of all life’s sh*t.  –Mara

And sometimes, late at night, when the world is quiet. I’ll tell them about Dylan. And what he meant to me. And how I think about him every day. –Mara

I’m gonna be President. Trump’s gonna look up at me from his gold crusted coffin and gonna be like, “Who the f*&^ is this b*tch?” And I’ll tell him, “That’s President B*tch to you Mother F*&^$%.” –Mara

I’m gonna live the life I want right now. I’m not gonna waste time waiting for a day that may never come for me.  –Mara

Nothing is fair but it’s a beautiful world and I am happy I get to be here. –Mara