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30+ Emotional The Trial Of The Chicago 7 Quotes

The Trial Of The Chicago 7 Quotes

Netflix’s new film The Trial Of The Chicago 7, the film is based off of a true story of a historical trial.  This film is a powerful and emotional one, I will have a movie review of the film coming soon and it will be linked down below.  If you know me, you know I enjoy good quotes so I had to jot down a few of my favorites from this film to share with you all!  Check out this list of 30+ Emotional The Trial Of The Chicago 7 quotes.

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The Trial Of The Chicago 7 Quotes

If the police try to arrest me, I’ll do what I always do and what I taught you to do, which is what?

Cops don’t give a sh*t about context.

Tell him to tell Abbie we’re going to Chicago to end the war and not to f*&^ around.

The Democratic Convention is about to being in a police state. There just doesn’t seem to be any other way to say it.

I want to bring back manners, how about that? The America I grew up in.

The decades over, the grown-ups are back, and I deem these sh*&&^& little fairies to be a threat to national security. So they’re gonna spend their thirties in a federal facility.

The police don’t start riots.

I’m not with these guys. I never met most of them until the indictment. There are eight of us here. There are signs out there that read, “Free the Chicago 7.” I’m not with them!

The Trial Of The Chicago 7 Quotes 1

Frankly, the US attorney wanted a Negro defendant to scare the jury. I was thrown in to make the group look scarier.

Are we using this trial to defend ourselves against very serious charges that could land us in prison for ten years? Or to say a pointless “f*&^ you” to the establishment?

This is what revolution looks like. Real revolution. Cultural revolution.

I don’t have time for cultural revolution, it distracts from real revolution.

The demonstrators attacked the police and the police responded.

Fred Hampton was shot and killed last night. There was a police raid, and there was a shootout. And he’s dead.

I object to this man’s testimony because I was denied counsel.

Marshals, take that defendant into a room and deal with him as he should be dealt with.

Your Honor, our defendant is gagged and bound in an American courtroom.

We’ve dealt with jury tampering, wiretapping, a defendant that was literally gagged, and a judge who’s been handing out rulings from the bench that would be considered wrong in Honduras. So I’m a little less interested in the law than I was when this trial began.

Arrest me or shut the f*&^ up.

An investigation by our criminal division led to the conclusion that the riots were started by the Chicago Police Department.

The Trial Of The Chicago 7 Quotes 2

If we’re guilty, why not give us a trial?

We aren’t going to jail because of what we did, we’re going to jail because of who we are.

The whole world is watching.

In 1861, Lincoln said in his inaugural address, “When the people should grow eary of their constitutional right to amend their government, they shall exert their revolutionary right to dismember and overthrow that government.” And if Lincoln had given that speech in Lincoln Park last summer, he’d be put on trial with the rest of us.

I think Tom Hayden is a badass of an American patriot.

I think the institutions of our democracy are wonderful things that right now are populated by some terrible people.

Give me a moment, would you, friend? I’ve never been on trial for my thoughts before.

I truly believe that one day you will be a very productive part of our system.

Your Honor, since this trial began, 4,752 US troops have been killed in Vietnam. And the following… are their names.