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The War With Grandpa Movie Review – Much Needed Family Comedy

The War With Grandpa is a light-hearted, family comedy which audiences of all ages can enjoy.  Take it for what it is, a fun comedy kids will enjoy and parents won’t mind it, perhaps even enjoy it themselves. Check out my movie review.

The War With Grandpa Movie Review

The entertainment industry has certainly suffered this year, from movie theaters closing to big movie releases being pushed back time and time again.  One of the biggest casualties from the crash of the 2020 film industry has been the lack of family friendly entertainment.  The War With Grandpa, starring Robert DeNiro, Uma Thurman, Jane Seymour and Cheech Marin, comes to theaters today October 9th.  Kid will love it, parents won’t mind it.  Check out my movie review.

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After a little altercation at the grocery store, Grandpa Ed (Robert DeNiro) is forced to live with his daughter Sally (Uma Thurman).  Grandpa reluctantly obliges and moves in with the family, which includes his two grand daughters and grandson Peter (Oakes Fegley).  Problem solved, right?  Well, except for the fact that grandpa movs into Peter’s bedroom, moving him into the attic. Peter wants his room back, and with the encouragement of his friends, Peter declares war.  This leads to a series of hialrious pranks between the two, some dangerous mishaps but most importantly some special Grandson/grandpa bonding time.

The War With Grandpa is based off a popular childrens novel, so you can imagine the story is one the young crown will enjoy.  As for the older crowd, it may lose your interest a bit with the nonstop silly pranks which always seem to lead to a disaster.  All I kept thinking was, who is going to clean that up?  That is the parent in me, I guess.  However one thing that will 100% draw the older crowd, like myself, to this movie is its cast.  Robert DeNiro gets to flex his acting and comedy skills, although most of the time he seems like the grumpy old Grandpa who is going to teach his young wipper snapper of a grandson a lesson.

The War With Grandpa Movie Review

It is the rest of the cast which had me glued to my television.  Uma Thurman, no other than Kill Bill herself, plays Sally.  When was the last time we’ve seen her on the big screen?  Too long if you ask me and it was a pleasant surprise seeing her in this role.  She brought her own humor, always bearing the brunt Peter and Grandpa’s pranks.  Like when she throws a snake out of her car window, right onto a bicycle cop!  It wasn’t the first time…

And can we talk about Grandpa’s “crew”?  It was an absolute surprise to see Cheech Marin, Jane Seymour and Christopher Walken play Grandpa’s friends and co-conspirators to his pranks.  And if I could choose one reason and one reason alone to see this film, it would be the epic dodgeball scene which includes Grandpa and all of his friends against Peter and his friends.  Warning, that scene may make you feel a bit old and you may worry Grandpa or one of his friends may break a hip but, it was pure silly fun and comedy at its best!

Overall Thoughts

The War With Grandpa will not win any Oscar nods but take it for what it is, a fun kids movie that will also not bore the adults in the room to death.  It will make you laugh, it will definitely entertain the young ones and it will have you reminiscing on your own relationship with your Grandparents. It’s not often when I can turn on a movie, forget about the problems and just laugh this year – I’m thankful this movie succeeded in doing so.  And from the abrupt ending, it may look like it can achieve the same in a sequel? We will see.

The War With Grandpa Movie Review