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60+ Touching Disney Plus BLACK BEAUTY Movie Quotes

Black Beauty Movie Quotes

Disney Plus has remade the classic book, Black Beauty movie and it is as sweet as the original. We all know the tale, of the horse that needed love and the girl that gave it. And with Disney behind the sheels, you know they made something magical, like they always do! Like I always do, I jotted down some of my favorite quotes from the movie and this one had some really touching and heartfelt ones. Check out this list of 60+ touching Disney Plus Black Beauty movie quotes.

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Black Beauty Movie Quotes

A wise horse once told me that a mustang spirit can never be broken. That it has the strength of the ocean, and lives forever, like the wind.

Over the course of my life my spirit has been tested a thousand times until I discovered a secret that saved me.

We have to start from the very beginning. The story of a wild horse, and the girl she loved.

To prove myself to the herd I had to be fast, and strong, and fearless.

She said I should never kick or bite without a reason, but always try to be gentle and kind.

When it is a horses time to go, it gallops towards the sky. Just as if it could fly.

My mother said a mustang spirit may never be broken, but I was beginning to doubt that was true. My spirit felt shattered.

I had no idea how lucky I was to be chosen because not many people want a wild mustang to train.

It was peaceful and finally, I slept.

Humans have not been good or kind to me, so why should I be to them.

I decided humans must be very lazy. They always wanted to be carried around by something.

I was so happy to have a family again.

I noticed, he was always alone.

There was something different about the girl. Something I recognized. Her spirit seemed broken.

You’re not my family. Stay away from me.

Oh good, now I have two girls who want nothing to do with me.

Black Beauty Movie Quotes

Horses are a window to your soul. They can read your facial expressions, your emotions, they’ll feel everything you do.

I heard you lost your family too. I’m sorry.

I don’t know why anyone would try to tame you. You don’t belong here. And neither do I.

There is no secret so close than that between a rider and his horse.

You really are beautiful.

Maybe that’s what I’ll call you. Beauty. Would you like that? Black Beauty.

After that day I realized that just maybe there was one person who could understand me. And the amazing thing was, I understood her too.

You’ve gotten closer to that filly in days than I have in weeks.

And then I realized, maybe humans and horses weren’t so different after all.

I heard if they can’t save them, they turn them into glue.

I know you’re not gonna hurt me. And I’m not gonna hurt you. Ever.

Beginners luck.

Jo was proud of me and I wanted to prove myself to her.

Partnering. You partner a horse.

My friendship with Jo blossomed like flowers do in spring. We had an unspoken language together.

I wish she would try. I knew Jo could be fearless.

I have trusted her, now she needed to trust me.

No wonder they rode horses, humans were very clumsy.

Jo and I galloped like nothing in the world could catch us. We were two being, and yet, for just a moment, we were one. We have found our peace, together.

As the stable went up in flames, so did my newfound hope of my life with Jo.

You saved her life Jo, in more ways than one. Don’t you want to do that for more horses?

She’s not for sale, she’s for lease.

Black Beauty Movie Quotes

At Birtwick I learned, that it is good people that make good places.

I tried to stay patient, I wonder how she’d feel if they chopped off all of her hair.

She dug her spurs into me like I was made of stone. And if it wasn’t for Jo, I would have thrown that horrible girl off my back.

She wouldn’t last one day in the wild.

I may not have like Georgina, but I wanted to win.

I tried to listen, but she was pushing me too hard. She wasn’t Jo, Georgina had no idea what she was doing.

He inherited her good breeding but none of her nasty spirit.

My heart stopped, my legs went numb, I felt like I couldn’t even breathe. Jo was leaving me?

Losing Jo made my old anger come back.

My new owner liked the fire in me.

They say horses pick you and Bo picked me. I trained him up right and he was a perfect horse. I cried like a baby when we gave him away.

If I fought for every horse I ever loved, I’d have a hundred of them.

Black Beauty Movie Quotes

I don’t want a hundred horses. I just want one.

Terry was a quiet man and good to me.

Terry and I risked our lives every day for people we never met. If Jo could see me now, I hope she would be proud of me.

I didn’t know if a mustang had ever outrun a river, but I was going to try.

Terry staying with me all night, as my mind went into a haze.

I fought to stay awake. I could feel my spirit slipping.

I’ll never stop searching for her.

She’s beautiful underneath. She’s just tired, that’s all.

Her touch was kind. Like she knew exactly how to calm me.

Not all people in the world are good.

I knew it was Ginger. She was at peace, at last.

How can a horse save a person?

I realized my mother was right. it really did feel like flying.