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Disney Pixar Soul Parents Guide – Movie Review

Disney PIXAR Soul is an emotionally deep adventure which discusses life, death and living life to its fullest. It is witty, cute and has a message we all can learn from. Check out my movie review in this parents guide.

Soul Parents Guide

Disney Pixar Soul was one of the new movies coming out from the Pixar camp that I was not too sure about.  I had watched every trailer and couldn’t get past the whole ‘dying’ part of it, I mean come on Disney don’t you kill off enough parents in your films, do we really need to see more death?!  Now that I have seen a screener of the film, I have changed my mind. Yes, it still deals with the heavy death topic, but it took a turn which took me by surprise! And the message came jumping off the screen and hit me directly in the emotional gut. Will kids like it? Check out my movie review in this parents guide!

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Disney Pixar Soul Parents Guide

Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx) is a band teacher, who dreams of one day making it big in the jazz world, by performing in the best jazz club in town. He FINALLY gets a big break but his life ends aburptly when he falls down a sewer to his doom. As a “Soul” Joe ends up at ‘The Great Beyond’, however he tries to do whatever it takes to get back to earth, escaping to ‘The Great Before’ where he meets soul #22 (Tina Fey).

The Great Before is the place souls are essentially “born” but before they head off to earth, they need to develop personalities and purpose, a ‘spark’. Soul 22 is tryng to find her spark and Joe decides to help her out.  What happens after this, you will have to watch for yourself because I don’t want to give too much away! But the film definitely took a turn that I was not expecting.

Soul Parents Guide

Disney Pixar Soul Age Appropriate

The first thing parents should be aware of about Pixar’s Soul, as you might imagine it deals with the very deep topic of death.  Sure we have seen death in so many other Disney films but when the topic is centered around death, it takes a bit deep.  The message is definitely a positive one about living life to the fullest but it can also lose some kids in the process.  I watched this film with my 7 year old Nephew and he fell asleep halfway through. It can be a little slow for the younger audiences and they may lose interest.  However, when he woke up he was asking to finish it. So, I guess he enjoyed it but like I said, it was just slow for him.

If you saw the trailer, the film had some funny parts and even poop jokes! I absolutely love a poop joke, it is my kind of humor but I am also aware poop isn’t for everyone.  This is a Disney Pixar film, so as you can imagine the language is very tame.

Overall Thoughts

Is there anything that comes out of the Disney Pixar camp that isn’t good?!?! Pixar’s Soul animation is gorgeous, which is expected as Pixar is top notch in their animation game.  The film in itself reminded me of a cross between Inside Out and What Dreams May Come (the Robin Williams & Cuba Gooding Jr. film from 1998).  It went deep into the purpose of life, and there is even a huge part in it about being a lost soul, which reminded me much of the Robin Williams film.

But what makes this movie a true masterpiece is the very deep message, one that took me until my late 30’s and a sudden family death to realize.  Many of us live each mudane day, with dreams and aspirations something we want to accomplish one day, in the future. As Joe quickly sees, the future may never come, so we have to live our lives now! Why wait around for “dreams to come true”, make your dreams the truth, live your dreams every single day. Don’t waste a second of the precious life given to us, “live every minute of it.

SOUL comes to Disney+ THIS Christmas, December 25th!

Soul Parents Guide

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