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Disney Plus GODMOTHERED Cast Interview

Disney Plus GODMOTHERED Cast

Godmothered is a new family-friendly movie coming to Disney Plus on December 4th! It is a sweet tale about family togetherness and friendship and will be a hit with the entire family.  I’ll have a movie review coming soon, so be sure to stop back by and check it out. In the meantime, I wanted to share some details I found out during the cast interview held earlier this month. So, check out all the fun facts learned during the Disney Plus Godmothered cast interview.

Disney Plus GODMOTHERED Cast Interview

Check out the full press junket video with the Godmothered cast below because those behind the scenes tid bits is just too good not to share!

Participating Interview Talent Disney Plus Godmothered Cast

  • Jillian Bell (“Eleanor”)
  • Isla Fisher (“Mackenzie”)
  • Jane Curtin (“Moira”)
  • Jillian Spaeder (“Jane”)
  • Willa Skye (“Mia”)
  • Santiago Cabrera (“Hugh”)
  • Artemis Pebdani (“Duff”)
  • Utkarsh Ambudkar (“Grant”)

So, let’s find out what the cast had to say about working on the Godmothered movie!

Jillian Bell: She’s got magic and spells, and is trying to make dreams come true. I’m still blown away that I got the part and got to act amongst all these people. This iss such a great cast. 

Isla Fisher: They’re pushing a certain type of male, you know, being rescued by a prince or a woman without a mother, an abandoned woman, or woman as a witch as a stepmother. These stereotypes don’t necessarily match my ideals. I’ve always sort of reform them, restructure them and I’ve always exchanged words like beautiful for good or smart. I think that’s what all kind of modern moms do because we don’t want to subvert the stereotypes that are there because they’re so old.

Disney Plus GODMOTHERED Cast Interview

Jane Curtin: It represents what the world is today. It’s not 1860 anymore. It’s castles and all of this kind of stuff. Happily ever after is what you want. It’s what you believe and it’s a goal that you can achieve on your own. If you want it, if you believe that you can get it, it’s something that is not reliant on magic. It’s reliant on you and your spirit. I think that’s really something we all have to remember. That we are capable of such amazing things and such positive things for ourselves and for others.

Jillian Spaeder: Filming the performance scene was really fun for me ‘cause I’m a singer and guitar player in real life. So, getting to do that and also getting to act was such a fun experience to do at the same time.

Santiago Cabrera: I like that it wasn’t your typical prince. He’s kind of like the underdog and he definitely felt like Isla’s character was out of his league, rightly so. He was the guy who’s like a serious journalist who wanted to report important stories and good news.  He’s last in the ratings, sensationalist morning show, being abused by his boss. So, there was a lot of fun elements to it.

Utkarsh Ambudkar: If you ask my daughter right now what she wants to be when she grows up, she’ll tell you a fairy. We 100 percent believe and support in magic in our household. We’re constantly in fairy mode.

Disney Plus GODMOTHERED Cast Interview

Godmothered Movie Synopsis

Set at Christmas time, “Godmothered” is a comedy about Eleanor, a young, inexperienced fairy godmother-in-training (Jillian Bell) who upon hearing that her chosen profession is facing extinction, decides to show the world that people still need fairy godmothers. Finding a mislaid letter from a 12-year-old girl in distress, Eleanor tracks her down and discovers that the girl, Mackenzie, is now a 40-year-old single mom (Isla Fisher) working at a news station in Boston. Having lost her husband several years earlier, Mackenzie has all but given up on the idea of “Happily Ever After,” but Eleanor is bound and determined to give Mackenzie a happiness makeover, whether she likes it or not.

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