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45+ Best Killer FREAKY Movie Quotes

FREAKY Movie Quotes

Tomorrow on Friday the 13th, FREAKY movie is coming to theaters!! As you can see by the trailers, this is going to be one killer of a film. I love Vince Vaughn, so I knew I had to check this one out after seeing he was in it. I will have a movie review coming soon but in the meantime, I jotted down some of my favorite quotes from the film. And believe me, these were some killer quotes! Check out this list of 35+ killer Freaky movie quotes!

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FREAKY Movie Quotes

He moves through this town unseen, like a ghost, and he kills at will every year.

The geriatric serial killer, really?

It’s a vagina, not an all night drive-thru.

I love your black weiner, Mr. Daniels.

Don’t under estimate a strange white mans’ propensity for violence.

You’re a f(*&ing piece girl.

You can’t keep living your life for someone else. You gotta do whats good for you.

I don’t want you to wake up one morning and realize your entire life passed you by.

Oh my god, it’s a slaughterhouse.

Four very dead teens, it seems pretty real to me.

You brown bag her face, she is sort of doable.

FREAKY Movie Quotes

Please don’t be the butcher, please don’t be the butcher, please don’t be the butcher.

You can totally tell me, I’m like the most trustworthy person.

I’m just curious, what do I look like? When you are seeing me? Right now?

Does she look cute?

I’m dyslexic. I have a doctor’s note.

I’m missing AP Bio, I didn’t come here to clam jam with you.

Everyone’s tired. We’ve done lots of hitting. It’s time to talk.

Whoa. What am I wearing?

She was almost killed last night. Maybe let her be weird for a day.

You’re black, I’m gay. We are so dead.

She’s got a d*ck in her hand and you are wearing Chanel number 5.

Why can’t I just have a normal life?

Oh my God, did you just pee yourself?

He’s here somewhere. He’s wearing my body and he’s wearing my face. He’s like a wolf in sheeps clothing.

That’s what you get for f*&^ing with me, Missy.

Maybe she just needs some space. Some time to figure out who she is.

He’s even gorgeous knocked out.

A few weeks ago I found a poem in my locker, those were the lines.

Great. Leave me alone with murder Barbie.

I’ve never been so stressed and excited at the same time in my life. #Stresscited #NervesOfSteel #WhatIsSheDoing

Strength doesn’t come from size.

FREAKY Movie Quotes


Isn’t role playing a sex game?

Josh you are many things but straight isn’t one of them.

I actually kind of hoped it was your poem.

Technically you’d be killing a mass murdered with yellow teeth.

How weird is it that I kind of feel like kissing you right now?

You know I’ve never made anyones p*&&y dry.

Time to stab this a**h*le.

Are you good at math Milly? Cause the way I see it, you have three holes and it all adds up.

You’re too late.

Shoot that motherf*&^%&.

Live your own life, Milly.

Stop, I’m trying to stab myself.

Little girls shouldn’t play with guns.

You know, I learned something when I was in your body too. Having balls sucks.

I am a f(*&ing piece.