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HULU Happiest Season Parents Guide Review

HULU’s new original film Happiest Season is a sweet romantic comedy which spreads an important message of love, acceptance and being true to who you are. Check out my parents guide movie review.

Happiest Season Parents Guide

Happiest Season is the next holiday film to be released, on HULU November 25th. The film showcases some big names, such as Kristen Stewart and Daniel Levy, better known for his role as David on Schitt’s Creek. It centers around a gay couple, who has to keep their relationship “in the closet” while celebrating the holidays with family. Is the movie appropriate for all ages? Check out my parents guide movie review!

Happiest Season Movie Quotes

Happiest Season Parents Guide

In Happiest Season Harper (Mackenzie Davis) invites her girlfriend Abby (Kristen Stewart) to join her with her family for the holidays. However, there is one catch, Harper has yet to “come out of the closet” to her family, despite having told girlfriend Abby she had. And to make matters worse, she doesn’t tell Abby until they are both on the way to her parents home. How will she explain bringing a girl home for Christmas? Well, make up a story about her being an orphan and would have to spend the holidays alone otherwise.

Happiest Season Parents Guide

Happiest Season Age Appropriate

Let’s break down the film for parents, so they can determine if this film is appropriate for their kid.

Language: As far as language, the film does contains some curse words such as hell and the S-word.

Adult Content: While no sexual content is shown in the film, we do see kissing and a situation where sex was implied.  We also see social and festive consumption during the holidays.

The subject matter may be inappropriate for really young children, they will be bored with the back and forth hiding of the relationship.  It can also be slow at parts. As far as teenagers, there is no huge triggers that would keep me from allowing my teenagers to watch this film, and in fact, the overall message is a positive one they can learn from.

Overall Thoughts

Happiest Season is a sweet romantic comedy which deserves a spot as a holiday staple, as it’s pretty groundbreaking considering the very few LGBT-themed films made for the holidays. The casting was great, we see Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis embody their roles. Daniel Levy does what he does best, bringing the comedy to everything we see him in. And while I totally enjoyed seeing him in something other than Schitt’s Creek, his performance seemed like we took his Schitt’s Creek character and inserted him into this film. It was enjoyable to watch, especially for fans who are missing the show, but it didn’t bring anything new to his role.

The message of Happiest Season is what truly hits at the heart strings and makes this “okay” film worth the watch. The film can drag in parts, and at times it may seem a bit cliche but what all viewers should take from it is the importance of not only being true to who you are, but also acceptance and family togetherness. As we are all going into the holiday season, many choosing to spend it alone due to the pandemic, we can all use a film like this which centers around appreciating our family for all that they are.

Happiest Season Parents Guide