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35+ Killer HARD KILL Movie Quotes

Hard Kill Movie Quotes

It seems like Bruce Willis is back with his Die Hard type movies in Hard Kill movie which recently dropped on Netflix! Now I didn’t say this movie was good, so don’t come at me, because I was bored to death but I know some of you out there just might enjoy it. And if you did, and interested in some of the quotes from the film, I am here to deliver! Check out these 35+ killer Hard Kill movie quotes!

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Hard Kill Movie Quotes

If you provide a server powerful enough, the AI will run off this.

This is how we change the world.

It’s not every day you get to meet a ground-and-pounder turned CEO.

Family life changes everything.

He put a bullet in my back. I still have the scar to prove it.

I trust you. I can’t say the same thing about my other contacts.

This is strictly VIP protection.

If you want another shot with The Pardoner, I got your back boos.

We are the calvary.

It’s not about God and country, it’s about how much money you can make.

Don’t worry about me, soldier. Just get my little girl, alright?

If anything happens to my team, I’m coming after you.

We don’t run from fights.

Please tell me my dad isn’t here.

Me? Or Project 725?

Hard Kill Movie Quotes

Project 725 is ab artificial intelligence system.

She built something way beyond me and then she stole it.

You wanted me to help change the world. And that’s what I am doing.

We are fighting for the same cause. Why do you not see that?

Greed is the root of all pain, of all suffering, of all evil.

I feel their pain. But you know what’s at stake here. Their sacrifices won’t be forgotten. Trust me.

You are sheep. You’re slaves to a machine. You’re slaves to those who run it all for their mass profits, while you cling to the pennies that fall from their pockets.

Don’t let that terrorist son of a b*tch find Chalmers. You can’t let him start Project 725. Promise me.

You never trusted me. Sometimes I feel like you loved your company more than you loved anything else.

If you kill me, Project 725 is dead.

I’m going to torute her. And I am going to make you watch the entire thing.

My dad is one of the strongest, most hard-willed men that I’ve ever met.

She means, that he plans on using the program to wipe out everything.

Hard Kill Movie Quotes

The Pardoner believed that if he resets everything to zero, that that’s the only way that it will save society.

This is a power humanity is not ready for.

It’s been a long time since we’ve fought for something other than a pay day.

This is worth fighting for.

Yeah, we got a deal. Kill him.

I’m just the wise man pointing to the oak tree.

A lot of innocent people are going to die.

Got your back, soldier.