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Collection of Best HBO THE UNDOING Quotes

HBO The Undoing Quotes

HBO The Undoing, starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, is the best thing on television right now! You can check out all my thoughts about it, I have my review linked down below, so check it out! I also wanted to share some of my favorite quotes from the series with you. Granted, I have not finished the series, but I will be updating these quotes as soon as the finale drops! Check out this list of the best HBO The Undoing quotes from the series!

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HBO The Undoing Quotes

Why hasn’t she come back? -Miguel

Why the tie? Not another funeral? -Grace

You can be joyless when your stressed. -Henry

He’s an Onocologist, Sally. Who’s gonna bid on cancer? -Grace

Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome. -Elena

Our Lactator and chief.

Sometimes I just feel overwhelmed and lost. Do you ever feel that? -Elena

Why hasn’t she come back? -Miguel

I don’t think dad is actually allergic to dogs, I think he just says it. -Henry

When he was younger, he was actually yor age. He was home alone, he was taking care of the family dog who got out of the house and it was hit by a car and killed. -Grace

What do they know? Do they know who did it? -Grace

You seem un-nerved. Do I un-nerve you? -Elena

Are we upsetting you, Doctor? -Detective Mendoza

Does he usually do that before he leaves on a trip? -Grace

He seemed like Dad. -Henry

My little Kimberly is already anxious to begin with and this is our first school murder. I was just wondering if their are any techniques you can recomment? -Alexis

I don’t know what to tell myself. He didn’t just leave his phone behind, he aranged to be unreachable. -Grace

Am I going to need a lawyer? -Grace

I’m not hiding my husband. -Grace

In June of last year, a full discipline hearing alleged inappropriate contact with a fmaily member of a patient. -Detective Mendoza

HBO The Undoing Quotes

My husband is a warm, warm man. He’s not some a**h*le who walks into a room and pronounces your child is going to die and then walks out the door. He is a very caring man. -Grace

You don’t want to know or you already do know? -Detective Mendoza

Grace, what the devil is going on? -Franklin

The word is that Elena’s husband evidently has an alibi. The attention now seems to be focused entirely on Jonathan. -Sylvia

My advice, not that you’re asking, if you do learn where Jonathan is, tell the police. The sooner you make it clear you’re not involved, the better you’ll be treated by everybody. -Sylvia

Grace your husband is the lead suspect in a murder investigation. -Franklin

I think you want to help us. I think at this point, you are more angry at him than us and you have a right to be. -Detective Mendoza

Mr. Alves is demanding a paternity test. He insists he’s not the father. -Detective Mendoza

Don’t scream. Don’t cream, it is me. I didn’t do it. I didn’t kill her. -Jonathan

She was possessed. -Jonathan

Is there a reason you’re not believing me? Because that is what it feels like right now, you’re not believing me. -Grace

The daughter is his. -Detective Mendoza

He looked scared. Dad. -Henry

You think he did it, don’t you? -Henry

You didn’t just do this to me, you did this to your son. -Grace

Another fine mess I’ve gotten you two into. -Jonathan

You have always had the unlimited capacity to see the humanity in a person. To have an affair, that’s human. To strike at someone in an act of passion, anger, that’s human. But to bludgeon someone to death and keep on bludgeoning until they are a dead. That is a monster, Grace. That is a monster. -Franklin

I read the police reports, I’m curious why you want to help this man. -Haley

People hire me to create muck. -Haley

The only people of relevance that we can place in the area, around that time is you and your husband. Exactly how weel did you know Elena Alves? -Detective Mendoza


I don’t make jokes, I’m not funny. -Haley

It is what rich, white people do when threatened. They conceal the ugly truth to protect themselves and family units, their places in society, their public image and they think that can get away with it because their rich. -Haley

I’m not going on the stand. -Grace

I’m estranged from my family. -Jonathan

Should you run, should you do anything to further harm my daughter, my grandson, I will track you down and I will kill you myself. -Franklin

I look forward to clearing my name in court and proving my innocent of this crime. -Jonathan

You have not yet met ugliness. -Franklin

It’s difficult to love her. I have tried really hard and I will keep trying. -Fernando

Your mother and I were never happy. I was unfaithful to her, all the time. I think that is what formed my contempt for Jonathan, he reminded me of me. -Franklin

I am afraid you are going to find a way to believe in him again. -Franklin

Let’s not forget, that in all this, I lost someone I loved. -Jonathan

The same question keeps coming up in all our focus trails, if you didn’t do it then who did? -Haley

We survived so far and we will survive the rest. We will. -Grace

I saw them together, at school. -Henry

He saw that I saw. He knew that I knew. -Henry

If we can survive this trial, I think this family can survive. Don’t you? -Henry

I never killed the family dog. We never had a dog. I killed the family sister. -Jonathan

Even his family doesn’t want to hve anything to do with him. -Franklin


There were no other men. -Fernando

You are vile. -Fernando

Another reason I couldn’t have done it. I loved her, quite madly. -Jonathan

We don’t need to give him a good man, just someone who didn’t commit murder. -Haley

He suffered from neither guilt nor grief. -Janet

Jonathan doesn’t know how to suffer. After his sister was killed he didn’t even say he was sorry. -Janet

I can neither advise or instruct you to conceal and destroy. -Haley

You have always seen things so clearly, see them exactly how they play out. How can you not see this now? -Franklin

I might be the easy answer but I’m not the right answer. -Jonathan

What is your truth? I’m having a little trouble tracking it. -Haley

I know who and what I married. -Grace

I so love you, Grace. -Franklin

She f*&^ed us and you let it happen. -Jonathan

You lost her because you didn’t get rid of the f*&^ing hammer. -Haley

It can happen, we can lose ourselves sometimes. -Jonathan

You murdered a person, dad. -Henry