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Midnight At The Magnolia Parents Guide – Movie Review

Netflix’s Midnight At The Magnolia is yet another holiday romantic film to add to your holiday viewing pleasure.  Check out my movie review in this parents guide.

Midnight At The Magnolia Parents Guide

The Netflix holiday films just keep piling up and we can add a new one to the list, Midnight At The Magnolia.  Despite the strange name, this movie is indeed filled with romance and holiday cheer.  However, when it comes to these sorts of romantic comedies, parents are always concerned if it is safe for kids. Well check out my movie review in this parents guide!

Midnight At The Magnolia movie quotes

Midnight At The Magnolia Parents Guide

Maggie Quinn (Natalie Hall) and Jack Russo (Evan Williams) have been best friends their entire lives and also co-host a radio program about relationships together.  Their radio program is planning a test run on satellite radio and they are planning a New Year’s Eve live broadcast to seal the satellite radio deal.  To really draw in the crowd, Maggie and Jack have planned to introduce their romances for the first time to their family, live at the event. The only problem is both were dumped, leaving the show and their satellite deal in jeopardy.

The two devise a plan to pretend they are dating eachother and announce their partnership at the New Years Eve event instead.  However, they face obstacles along the way when their parents think they are dating and become estatic with the news.  You see, their parents have always rooted the couple would one day be together and they secretly harbored feeling for one another.  This starts to make them question their feelings themselves…

Midnight At The Magnolia Parents Guide

Midnight At The Magnolia Age Appropriate?

As far as Midnight At The Magnolia goes, parents can rest assure this film is safe for all audiences.  The biggest flag I could find was the ocassional social drinking and a kiss.  Otherwise, this film is light on the language, violence and any other flags parents may be concerned about.  Kids can watch it however, it is a romance film so I am not sure all ages would be interested in this sort of plot, since it focuses solely on those sorts of relationships.

Overall Thoughts

Netflix’s Midnight At The Magnolia reminded me a bit of a Hallmark-ish type movie but I found it to be quite enjoyable.  Considering the other new holiday romance movies which recently have been released, this one has made the top of the list.  The chemistry between Maggie and Jack was believable and the message was one which I can get behind.  Most films like this we see a couple meeting and there is this love at first sight sort of romance, unrealisitic.  This movie shows how love is not instant but grows from friendship and to be truly happy in love, is to fall in love with your best friend.

Midnight At The Magnolia Parents Guide

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