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40+ Best Netflix OPERATION CHRISTMAS DROP Movie Quotes


We have a new holiday film to check out on Netflix called Operation Christmas Drop movie!  It is a such a sweet, heart-warming film, I will have a review coming soon and it will be linked down below.  In the meantime, check out this list of some of the sweetest quotes from the movie!  I always love me a good movie line and with this movie being about the holidays, I enjoyed jotting these down even moreso! Check out this list of 40+ sweet Netflix Operation Christmas Drop movie quotes.

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Operation Christmas Drop Movie Quotes

I’m working my way through the Congresswomans Christmas list and I’m still two cashmere sweaters and a Tiffany bracelet away from the bottom.

Ever since the Congresswoman became head of the Base Realignment and Closure Commision, this base has been at the top of her naughty list.

Wisconsins got all the seasons, right? It’s got winter, still winter, more winter, mud, and then winter again.

If we can’t be home for Christmas, we are going to bring Christmas here.

They’ve been using our military cargo planes to drop gifts and supplies to remote islands on Christmas.

January in the tropics doesn’t sound so bad.

You haven’t been here for Christmas since your mom passed away, Eri.

You also got mad people skills, Captain.

Aren’t you a little under dressed for an Officer?

So it was one of the smart brainiacs.


Now I understand why your boss sent you here. So you wouldn’t spoil the office Christmas party.

You’re gonna fit in great around here. Clearly, you like giving orders.

The bean-counter has landed. And she is the most high-maintenance, condescneding pencil pusher I’ve ever met.

Good thing the door was open, I don’t think my huge ego would be able to fit through the window.

Christmas ornaments and gifts for our loca school kids. Part of our community outreach.

Lights can be handy if you wanna land a plane at night.

A lot of military resources headed towards a big swamp.

Time to lay your Christmas cards on the table, Captain.

I’m not the Grinch.

For a lot of the enlisted kids here, this is their first Christmas away from home. With the Drop, they feel like they’re doing something important. Helping people.

I’m not going to tell the congresswoman to take it easy because you have a big heart and a nice smile.

Andrew is impossible. But he is the most honorable guy you’ll ever meet.

Don’t drink their Kollaid, Erica.

Sometimes I look down and realize I have the best job in the world.

Out here, if you can’t build it or grow it yourself, you do without.


Anything to make me forget I’m half a world away from home at Christmas.

No time for people to be homesick when they have something to do, right?

I’ve never even worn a snorkle. Closest I have come is swimming through budget reports while holding my nose.

Though you never want to forget your tradiations, there is always room to make new ones.

Sounds like that island is working its magic on you.

CLAWS as in, Can’t Leave Anyone Without Santa,” Captain steps up whenever anybody needs help. Brings Christmas to everyone, everywhere. Doesn’t do anything else, and that’s why he can’t keep a girl and why he’s always here every holiday.

And hope for a Christmas miracle.

I’m done with the Drop. And if my boss has her way, you are too.

It’s just not like you to give up.

You are very close to throwing it all away Miss Miller.

I remember when you first got elected, the cornerstone of your ampaig was to make the world a better place. You promised your constituents that you would work on making a difference. These people, right here, are making that difference.

This is what Christmas is suppose to feel like.


My task here was to find the inefficiencies. The problem is there just aren’t enough to justify shutting down this base.

Did you see the look on the faces of the Islanders when they saw the planes coming in? I haven’t seen that kind of joy in a very long time.

That was what Christmas should look like.

Thank you for reminding me why I got into this in the first place.

Helping play Santa got my Christmas spirit back.

You don’t have to talk me into anything.