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Jingle Jangle quotes

I don’t kow about you all but I can not get enough of these holiday movies. Mark my words on this, Netflix Jingle Jangle A Christmas Journey is going to be THE BIG new holiday movie in 2020! I will have a review coming really soon, it will be linked down below, so be sure to come back and check it out! In the meantime, you know I jotted down some of my very favorite quotes from the film. Check out my list of 45+ magical Netflix Jingle Jangle quotes.

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Netflix Jingle Jangle Quotes

I think it’s time for a new story. –Grandma

The Invention of Jeronicus Jangle. –Grandma

I’ve never read anyone this story. –Grandma

The key to unlock his wildest dreams and change his life forever! –Grandma

When the bull see me, he slays himself. It is an honor for you to finally meet me. –Maestro Don Juan Diego

You can throw roses at my feet later. –Maestro Don Juan Diego

I believe in you the most. –Journey

The bull waits for tomorrow. But by then, he is dead. –Maestro Don Juan Diego

The magic it seemed, had escaped him. And soon, so did everything else. –Grandma

Yhe cuckoo inside, just didn’t cuckoo.

Jerry! Lighten up! –Mrs. Johnson

Netflix Jingle Jangle quotes

Either come up with the money you owe me by Christmas or show me the revolutionary invention you once promised.

Her mother had promised that one day they’d visit Jangles and Things, but if, and only if, they were invited. –Grandma

I have nowhere else to stay… –Journey

You know what they say about children, they are a creative vacuum and I can’t have that right now. –Jeronicus

Grandpa J sounds so much better! –Journey

Maybe next time someone will lose an eye. So they never have to see what a mockery you have become. –Maestro Don Juan Diego

Once a great inventor, always a great inventor. There is always something left. –Maestro Don Juan Diego

You wanna be my apprentice? –Edison

Because there is nothing that says I can’t. –Journey

There’d be something wrong with you if you were stuck in a dark room all your life. –Journey

I told her not to touch it but she’s not a very good listener. –Edison

Well actually… he flew. –Edison

Professor, you really are the greatest inventor of them all. –Edison

It’s just a pawn shop. –Journey

A little fun wouldn’t kill you. –Mrs. Johnson

Grandchildren are like children, only you can give them back. –Mrs. Johnson

We have to get Buddy back. –Journey

I only almost killed one person today. Progress! –Mrs. Johson

Your hair, as shiny as a stallion’s mane. Your eyes, the azul of the sea. And your bumpies, with the burn of a fresh-picked habanero that’s just about to… –Maestro Don Juan Diego

Grandpa J, just believe! –Journey

Netflix Jingle Jangle quotes

Edison, you just have to believe! –Journey

Well done Edison! Quite the inventor. –Jeronicus

Journey, I really really do like you – a lot. –Edison

Jeronicus, I know about losing things. But the magic isn’t just in what you’ve lost. It’s in what you still have. –Mrs. Johnson

Everywhere I’ve ever been,I felt out of place, This is the only place I’ve ever been where I finally felt like I belong. –Journey

A child with an imagination always belongs. –Jeronicus

Never be afraid when people can’t see what you see. Only be afraid if you no longer see it. –Jeronicus

I never could imagine that she’d be such a delight. And she’s quite the inventor. –Jeronicus

I wanted you to have the world. Reach into the heavens, pull down the stars just so they could shine on you. Not just read about a happily ever after, I wanted to be the one to give it to you. Jernoicus Jangle, the greatest inventor of all, only wishes he were the greatest father of all.

Netflix Jingle Jangle quotes

You told me those were your inventions. Did you lie? Are you a thief? –Maestro Don Juan Diego

I would have shown you everything, if only you’d waited. –Jeronicus

It’s something sensational. It’s something spectacular! Something revolutionary! It’s The Buddy 3000. –Jeronicus

Jangles And Things is open for business. The world of wishes and wonder. –Jeronicus

If you believe, it’s all possible. –Grandma

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