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Superintelligence Movie Quotes

HBO Max has been bringing it lately! The new Superintelligence movie starring Melissa McCarthy, James Corbin and Bobby Cannavale and it is delightful!  I will have a movie review coming soon, so make sure to come back by to check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime I wanted to share of some of the best quotes I were able to jot down from the film. Check out these 40+ best HBO Max Superintelligence movie quotes.

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Superintelligence Parents Guide

Superintelligence Movie Quotes

Was it a strawberry margarita promise? Because you know those don’t count.

That’s Almond, he’s known for his hugs.

Just aim for the center.

Just really engage your core.

I’m totally interested in everything you’re saying but I think we’re ready to move on.

Our business model is, “Everybody gets some.”

You are lying in your bed, you are not busy.

Can intelligence every really be artificial?

Carol, let’s get ready. I need your help.

I can’t get all the way back. What am I, a pez dispenser?

I’m not creepy, I helped millions of kids to read by adapting to their learning style.

I know you’re not a Genie, because I’ll have a wish for you.

Heroes don’t take buses, Carol.

I’m one of those fast take-off scenerio’s that you guys predicted had zero chance of occuring. So, surprise!

Why? Because I can.

Superintelligence Movie Quotes

I don’t bite. Only if you ask me nicely.

I can’t access my own hands.

Carol the humanitarian. The Samaritan. The world changer.

Why you? No offense but you are rather unremarkable.

Better sae than celiac.

Take it easy, if it’s easy take it twice.

But won’t the apartment and the money and the clothes make you more attractive to George?

Perhaps you are more complex than I thought?

He’s like a bull. I shouldn’t have worn red.

The truth is, I haven’t found anyone better than you.

Is talking about food poisoning and intestinal distress a regular part of the human courting ritual?

I’m a passionless guy. That’s what my wife says.

What part of the pig is in dumplings?

If it had been anything other than Ireland, you wouldn’t have to do anything much at all to get me to stay. That’s the truth.

You’re acting like a baby, Carol. A pee-pee, whiny, baby-face, baby.

You gave up when things got difficult.

Superintelligence Movie Quotes

I’m not going to destroy the world, Carol. You are.

I just don’t think you understand people yet. I know we make terrible decisions but we also make great ones. And people are filled with compassion and with genius. And if you give me another chance, I can do better, I will do better.

We are humanities last option, Carol. Don’t be late.

Adam Levine has offered to give me $5000 dollars if I come to this address and hand you my phone.

George only has a 7% chance of surviving this and you have an even less chance.

You kept him ignorant to the worlds impending doom so he could spend his last hours being happy?

I’m sorry I’m ruining your apocalypse.

I guess love.

Attention people of Earth, bow to your new power the digital Over-Lord.

As the saying goes, friends don’t kill friends.

Humanity has so many problems that you should really try fixing.