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The BEST HULU Trolls: TrollsTopia Quotes

Trolls TrollsTopia Quotes

Who doesn’t love those super cute, extremely colorful Trolls? Well HULU is bringing the series Trolls TrollsTopia to us and you will truly love it!  What makes this series even more amazing as we get to see all our favorite groups of Trolls like the Rock Troll, the Jazz Trolls and of course Pop Trolls!!  As you might imagine, the series also brings so great quotes with it and I compiled a list for you to enjoy!! Check out this huge collection of Trolls TrollsTopis quotes for the series!

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Trolls TrollsTopia

Trolls TrollsTopia Quotes

By nature, Trolls are determined to make friends wherever they go. Maybe too determined.

We are no better friends with them now then we were then. They are starting to feel like acquaintances.

We can convince them to move to Troll Village, to live with us.

A beacon of love and friendship for everyone!

Like many glitters forming one glitter fart.

We’ll call it, TrollsTopia.

If we show them a good time, there is no way they will say no to TrollsTopia.

If there is one thing I have learned about the tribe of my birth, it’s that they know how to make an entrance.

All those words were really gross but they sounded so cool.

Just messing with you Pop-Squeak.

Glitter simply falls from the sky here?

Looking good low note.

Trolls TrollsTopia Quotes

In my tribe, real fun is about being wreckless and breaking rules.

The whole point of TrollsTopis is to bring all the tribes together.

When the sun goes down, the rebel in us cuts loose.

I never said TrollsTopis was a bad idea, weren’t you listening to me?

Poppy, I think TrollsTopia is an amazing idea. Probably your best idea and that is saying something.

We sure do make some beautiful music together.

Your pod is a cauldron of lava forever spewing a sonic barrage of pure rock?

The whole point of TrollsTopia is that all the Trolls live together!

You shine like a glow stick. I could stare at you for hours.

Welcome to the friend forum. A place where you will finally bond with your buddies.

Why won’t you be the wind beneath my wings?

You did all this, so we would like eachother?

I guess new friendships need time to grow. And I guess maybe some space too?

It is without a doubt, the most important party ever thrown.

Rocker Trolls don’t plan parties.

Are you singing a song about a tree to stall us?

She was pulling my strings from the start. Well played.

That can’t be your reaction to your first hug!

Lets face it Poppy, we will never hug properly. We’re inadequate.

Thank you to opening our eyes to HUGS!

Mine was so tight, I loss the feeling in my arms.

Oh, this is one of those long ones huh?

Surprise hug party!

I just want you to know what it is like to share genuine love and affection.

One thing we TechnoTrolls like to do while making new friends, is whirlpool surfing!

Everythings coming up Branch.

Turn up the volume on you.

Mister, thems huggin’ words.

Trolls TrollsTopia Quotes

Let me guess. You gave Holly Darlin’ a gift and she gave you an even more imprssive gift in return.

Have you ever met a Troll this commited to generosity?

You dreamed of a dress too?

Perfection is over-rated.

Don’t be misled by the smooth sound of my voice. Everyone should be very, very alarmed.

The reason you can never hug a Snugalug, is because when you do, it splits in two.

Everyone is welcome at girls night! And you are going through a hard time. Wouldn’t it feel good to talk about it with all of us?

I do waste everyones time with my annoying pranks. So I decided it’s best to live out here, alone.

The face you make when someone does something you think doesn’t rock.

Why, Gust’s gut, you are the most insightful digestive system I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Sorry Poppy, but I gotta prove to them that I’m still special!

Apollo-to-the-gees, Trolls. Won’t happen again.

It’s crazy how you can love where you are, but miss where you’re from, all at the same time.

We country Trolls have a way of dealing with home sickness. We cry and we cry until we fill a barrel with our own tears.

I’ve called this counsel because our worst fears have been confirmed. TrollsTopis is out of glitter.

False alarm, y’all. It’s Fool’s Glitter. You can tell ‘cuz it doesn’t stick to your skin for three days like it ougta.

I will not let TrollsTopia down!

The thought os TrollsTopia not having any glitter just makes me sad.

I can’t have an epic solo on a bland smash.

Trolls TrollsTopia Quotes

An apology needs to show empathy.

Someone hasn’t resolved their feelings!

For the first time in my life, I really started listening to my conscience.

I had to stop and let you know, you have a smile that lights up the world.

You mean undo Holly’s do?

I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

That’s a real milestone in your friendship.

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