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Sweet And Touching Veterans Day Memes Collection 2023

Veterans Day Memes

Can you believe we are coming to the end of the year and year celebrations?  November is here and that means Veterans Day is right around the corner!  Now I know the year 2023 is a strange one, filled with so many unknowns for many people across the nation, however we all can still take the time out to honor some of the bravest of the brave. So join me in honoring our soldiers today with some really sweet and touching and even some funny memes I found on the internet. So check out this huge collection of touching and sweet Veterans Day memes on the internet.

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Veterans Day Memes 2023

I realize this Veterans Day is going to be a little different this year because of Covid and just because it is 2023, the year of craziness. So, the way I get through the hard times is with a good laugh and these memes are sure to do it! Also honoring this day is so special for some and they deserve a touching and sweet gesture. Did you have a favorite meme from this list or even one you saw that cracked you up and you think I should add it to the list?  I am constantly updating this list so I would love to include more, especially because this year we need the laugh from funny memes the most. So, send them along and Happy Veterans Day!

thank you for those who served

And when he gets to Heaven, to St. Peter he will tell: Just another soldier reporting, sir. I’ve served my time in hell.

happy veterans day memes

happy veterans day memes

last veterans walking alone in parade

the difference between memorial day and veterans day

tropic thunder veterans

veterans day honoring those who served

veterans day courage is contagious

Courage is contagious.

brace yourself veterans day

thank you for your service and sacrifice veterans

praise troops on facebook remember the ones in the streets

happy veterans day past present and future

Happy Veterans Day to all the past, present, and future brothers and sisters.

im thanksful for those who came before me

veterans the first badass

honoring those who served veterans day

thank you veterans

happy veterans day thank you for your service

all gave some and some gave all veterans

home of the free because of the brave

Home of the free because of the brave.

yoda served i did sacrificed i did

Happy veterans day memes

without veterans stuck in siberia

free meals on veterans day

thank you veterans day memes

cheers to the classy veterans

thank you veterans

memorial day honors those who died veterans day honors those who survived

To be clear: Memorial Day honors those who died in wars. Veterans Day honors those who survived.

change profile picture on veterans day to get thanks

women veterans day memes

Women Veterans Day!

stop confusing memorial day with veterans day

honor those who served on veterans day

knock knock whos there america

veterans hunting for stolen valor

veterans eat your jelly donut with pride

pay tribute veterans day memes

thank veterans for putting their life on the line

owe a veteran everything

We don’t know them all but we owe them all.

know the difference between memorial day and veterans day

veterans who have to work on veterans day

veterans day memes

three seconds to thank a veteran

1, 2….

show your thanks by sleeping with a veteran

thank all the veterans who served

Thank you to all that served.

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