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45+ Magical Disney Plus’ Godmothered Movie Quotes

Godmothered Movie Quotes

Disney Plus’ newest original film, Godmothered, is coming to the streaming service this Friday, December 4th! The movie ia adorable, I will have a movie review coming soon, so be sure to check back, it will be linked down below.  In the meantime I wanted to share a list of my favorite movie quotes from the film! I love me a good line from a film and this one had some magical ones. Check out this list of 45+ magical Disney Plus Godmothered movie quotes.

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Godmothered Parents Guide Movie Review

Godmothered Movie Quotes

Once upon a time there was a magical place called The Motherland. The fairy godmothers lived and learned all they needed to know about Godmothering.

This is not your usual fairytale. Fairytales end with happily ever after and that is where we begin.

A glittery gown turns a frown upside down.

Find their true love.

Happily ever after.

Everyone knows that people have stopped believing in happily ever after.

Being a Toothfairy didn’t sound bad to me. You only work nights and always got a little change in your pocket.

I am a secret.

You know you aren’t suppose to sing, we’ve talked about it.

There’s got to be a better way to travel.

Everyone knows women do not drive themselves, that’s what mice are for.

Who said that? Is there a genie in there?

This is the song you sing, when you’re in the dungeon.

Life isn’t always a fairytale. Sometimes people grow or change or get divorced or fall out of love or run off and join a cult or fall in love with a skinny Pilates instructor.

What happened to the little girl that wrote me this letter?

We don’t want her fairy godmother boss back at The Motherland finding out.

If you do any magic, I will lock you in the trunk.

I help people find their happily ever after.

Godmothered Movie Quotes

My house looks like Game Of Thrones. You turned my dog into a piglette and you almost blew up the Bruins.

It’s as if the magic in the sky has put a spell on the Bruins fortunes.

My mom doesn’t believe in happy, or crafts or Christmas.

He died? Oh no. No, no no. I thought he just ran off to teach skinny pirates.

Ain’t no party like a tea party!

You were wonderful.

Mother of fudge, are you okay?

At midnight tomorrow The Motherland will close its doors for good.

Why fight true love when you can just kiss and live happily ever after?

They are closing down The Motherland, so you are my only chance at being a Fairy Godmother.

I hit the eggnog a little too hard last night.

She is a chaos machine and you should be ashamed of yourself… for not cluing me in sooner.

You’re a single mom and you haven’t put out a good story in I don’t know how long, so no really isn’t an option for you.

You deserve so much better than this place.

Should we bring Dads guitarwith us for good luck?

Are you sure a pumpkin carriage is the best way back to The Motherland?

We need you.

Godmothered Movie Quotes

Son of a butterscotch, I actually did it.

Please don’t blow up.

You have to make me brave, I need a spell or something.

I didn’t believe in you because I forgot how to believe in myself. And I was lost and I felt scared and I taught you to be scared.

You don’t need a spell because you are already magical.

I am a Fairy Godmother and what Fairy Godmothers are suppose to do is help. I did help Jane.

All you did was fail.

You didn’t fail. You reminded me how to live happily.

We think that love needs to look a certain way, a prince, a castle, a gown. We are trapped in a fairytale, when the real world is worth so much more.

Instead of telling people what true love is suppose to look like, why don’t we start letting them tell us?

Elanor didn’t magically fix my life, she showed me how to fix it myself.

You did well.

Lets go home and save some Fairy Godmothers.

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