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Netflix DEATH TO 2020 Parents Guide Review

Netflix’ Death To 2020 is a hilarious, laugh out loud mockumentary which makes light of the grim year we all have endured. Check out the details in this parents guide review.

Death To 2020 Parents Guide Review

The year 2020 was so outrageous, that is seems only natural to end it with a hilarious Mockumentary on Netflix called Death To 2020. Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones, who are best known for their work on the series Black Mirror, are the brains behind those hysterical lines in Death To 2020. Check out the details in my parents guide review.

Netflix Death To 2020 Quotes

Death To 2020 Parents Guide Review

Netflix’s Death To 2020 takes a look at the pass year with a comedic view and is a hilarious mockumentary. We see familar faces such as the “Historian” (Hugh Grant), “Author” (Leslie Jones), “Reporter” (Samuel L. Jackson) and even a White House Spokesperson played by Lisa Kudrow, as they describe their perspectives the events of 2020.

Death To 2020 Parents Guide Review

Death To 2020 Age Appropriate

Let’s take a look at what parents need to know before allowing their kids to watch Death To 2020.

Language: There is strong language in Netflix’s Death To 2020. Frequent use of the S-Word and F-word.

Adult Content: Death To 2020 pretty much covers everything that has happened in the world over the pass year. Content shown in this mockumentary is basically the same thing you will see when you turn on the news, except this is a satire documentary, so some of the content is totally ridiculous in a funny way.

Overall Thoughts

Death To 2020 is poetic justice to all who have endured the grim year which is 2020. I don’t believe there is a single person in this planet who hasn’t been negatively effected in one way or another from the events this past year, and we can either cry about it or laugh about it. Death To 2020 chooses to give us a much needed laugh and I am thankful for it.

It doesn’t matter which side of the political fence you are on, this mockumentary does not discriminate on who it makes fun of. From calling Trump a pig-man, Biden a Civil War hero hiding in his basement and Bernie Sanders an anarchist grandpa; it really does not hold back and gives us all something to laugh at. That is, if you can laugh at yourself?

Death To 2020 sure brings a star-studded cast along for the laughs, as mentioned above, viewers will see Samuel L. Jackson, Hugh Grant and Lisa Kudrow. However, the decision to have Laurence Fishburne to narrate was brilliant. And I had to do a double-take at the almost unrecognizable Tracy Ullman, who plays Queen Elizabeth The First Part II. I literally spit out my coffee when Harry and Meghan’s own British exit was touched on and the Queen responds with a, “Harry and Who-un?

The history book covering this period will have to do it in crayon.

Explaining the events 2020 to future generations seems quite impossible, but Death To 2020 does a pretty good job of it. It’s a satire which could almost be as realistic as the ridiculousness of the year itself.

Death To 2020 Parents Guide Review

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