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Persona Vitamins Review – Personalized Vitamin Subscription

I received this product for free from Moms Meet to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

Persona Vitamins Review

Over 17 years ago, I had gastric bypass surgery, my may have read about my weight loss journey and even the side effects of gastric bypass surgery. One of the most important things one must pay attention to after having weight loss surgery, it keeping up with your daily vitamins. And I will be the first to tell you, I am the absolute worst at remembering to take my daily vitamins. Or even knowing which vitamins I should be taking! I need to get it together because keeping up on my health is top priority! Which is why I was so interesting to review Persona Vitamins!

Have you heard of Persona Vitamin Packs? Check out all the details and my personal experience in his review!

Persona Vitamins Review

Invest in your extended family’s health with personalized supplement deliveries and one-on-one expert advice. Persona provides a convenient, long-term nutritional supplement solution tailored precisely to you and your family’s needs. Our science-based assessment takes into account your lifestyle, diet, health goals—even your medications—and uses that insight to build a doctorapproved supplement recommendation just for you. For an affordable monthly subscription, Persona will deliver high-quality, customized vitamin packs right to your door—and provide you with unlimited access to health expertise from our qualified dietitians and nutritionists. No hype, no confusion, just clean nutrients that fit your family.

Persona Vitamins Review

The first step was to take the online health survey (assessment) on Persona Nutrition web page. This took about 5 minutes but I was impressed right away when I saw they actually asked if I had weight loss surgery! Seeing this, I knew I was on the right track.

Persona Vitamins Review

The assessment also considers other factors including your age, physiology, health goals, even your medications to create a detailed wellness profile.  Knowing that Persona considers so many factors when creating my personalized, high-quality supplement subscription gave me great confidence in the program.

Persona Vitamins Review

After I completed the survey, I was immediately given supplement recommendations. In the survey I had put that I wanted to work on boosting my immune system, because during a pandemic we can all use a little immunity boost, and even work on lowing my blood sugar. Persona Vitamins covered all my concerns as far as nutrition!

Persona Vitamin Benefits & My Experience

My montly supple arrived which included 28 days of supplements, supplements fact sheets, and additional reading information. They even threw in a couple of face masks because we can all use some face masks in 2020! The daily supplements were wrapped in individual packs, two a day for morning and nighttime supplements and are in biodegradable packing! This makes it so convenient, as I do not have to open endless amounts of bottles and remember to take every supplement, it is all done for me!

I am already noticing what a difference in energy I am feeling after three weeks taking the supplements.  This in itself is worth it, as this time of year I am busier than ever with work, and add in virtual schooling four kids AND preparing for the holidays, I would find myself totally exhausted by mid-day but I totally feel I have more energy to last through the day after taking these supplements. I am also noticing the difference in my stress level, which would usually be through the roof! But I am calmer and getting a better night sleep!

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Persona Vitamins Review

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