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Songbird Parents Guide – Movie Review

Songbird is a high anxiety film which hits a bit too close to home, but has enough absurdity to make it an enjoyable watch. Check out my parents guide movie review.

Songbird Parents Guide

If you can’t get enough of the endless Covid coverage on every news station and social media site, then you may want to check out Songbird, which comes to premium on demand tomorrow December 11th. The film includes some big names such as Sofia Carson, AJ Apa and Demi Moore and is set in 2024, after Covid has mutated and still infecting the world. See, I told you it hits close to home! Check out all the details in my parents guide movie review.

Songbird Movie Quotes

Songbird Parents Guide

Songbird is actually based on exactly what our world is going through right now during the Covid-19 pandemic. Set in 2024, Covid has mutated into Covid-23. In an effort to control virus, the government has instituted lockdowns, curfews, daily health scan checks and a quarantine zone (or Q-zone).

When someone becomes infected with Covid-23, they are taken from their home and moved to this Q-zone. When Sara’s (Sofia Carson) grandmother scans positive, her boyfriend Nico (AJ Apa) who is a “Muney” meaning he is immune, becomes desperate to get her out and escape together.

Songbird Movie Quotes

Songbird Movie Age Appropriate

Let’s take a look at some of the details parents need to know about Songbird.

Language: This film includes some harsh language, particular heavy use of the S-word.

Sexual Content: While no nudity is shown in the movie, we do see one character wearing lingerie and basically getting paid for sexual favors.

Violence: Other than those in the film dying from a deadly virus, we see other acts of violence which includes stabbings, shootings and strangling.

Overall Thoughts

Songbird is over as fast as it begins with only around an hour and 30 minute runtime. It’s a high anxiety thrill ride of a film and will have you holding your breathe and on the edge of your seat the entire time. The opening felt a bit too real, as we see a deserted California, reminiscent of scenes shown in our own world at the start of the pandemic lockdowns. However, as the film proceeded, the absurdity and over-the-top scenarios disconnects the audience from the reality of the situation, and allows them to take the movie for what it is, a futuristic sci-fi horror type film.

The filming of some scenes reminded me a bit like The Blair Witch Project, as we get shaky camera scenes which can easily give some viewers a bit of motion sickness.  And the story can easily become muddled as we get multiple side stories, which eventually seem to come together at the end but questions are still left in the air. Like why is the guy in charge of bringing people to the Q-zone so angry? And how did Lita get Covid if she hasn’t left quarantine? And why did the filmmakers even name this movie Songbird?!?!

All and all, Songbird was an okay movie and worth the watch. Because what else do you have going on right now during quarantine besides watching a movie about being quarantined?

Songbird Parents Guide