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35+ Shocking SOUND OF METAL Movie Quotes

Sound Of Metal Movie Quotes

The Sound Of Metal is now available to stream on Amazon prime Video and follows the story of a musician who loses his hearing. I will have a movie review coming soon, so make sure to stop back by and check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes from the film. I love me a good line and this one had some really shocking ones. Check out this list of 35+ shocking Amazon Prime Video Sound Of Metal movie quotes.

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Sound Of Metal Parents Guide Movie Review

Sound Of Metal Movie Quotes

It’s probably a wo out of ten interms of his hearing. He is having trouble even communicating with me.

Is the volume loud enough?

On your right ear you were 28& and your left ear you were 24%.

What you can do about it first is eliminate all exposure to loud noises.

There are implants that bypass the cochlear.

You hearing is deteriorating rapidly.

You have to understand, your first responsibility is to preserve the hearing you have.

We have a tour booked.

I’m sorry I read lips.

Sound Of Metal Movie Quotes

I’m going to read your lips. I might miss some things but I’m going to try.

Have you thought about using since you lost your hearing?

Today is not a good day.

You should understand that this is a deaf community.

It is important, if you want to be here, we are looking for a solution to this (points to head) not this (points to ears).

I can f*&^ing make it work until we have enough for surgery. We’re gonna get there.

I’m getting on a plane and you’re gonna go back to that place.

You’re my f*&^ing heart.

My name is Ruben, I’m and addict, four years clean now. I’m sorry I don’t talk sign language.

You don’t need to fix anything here.

I want you to keep writing continuously without stopping until you feel like you can sit again.

I feel a little bit old today.

You’ve become very important to a lot of people around here.

It’s for her.

You see, I can’t hear you, I’m deaf. So, what’s it going to be?

Sound Of Metal Movie Quotes

I did the deed.

Trying to save my f*^&ing life.

If I disappear, who cares? Nobody f*&^ing cares, man.

The world does keep moving and it can be a damn cruel place, But for me those moments of stillness, that place, that’s the Kingdom of God. And that place will never abandon you.

From where I’m sitting, you look and sound like an addict.

I’m f&*^ing stupid. I’m sorry I asked.

Everybody here shares in the belief that being deaf is not a handicap. Not something to fix.

It’s bad. Like high. Can you change the…

You need some eggs.

I did not always have good feelings for you Ruben, all these years.

You look different.

It’s okay Lou. It’s okay

You saved my life, you made it beautiful.