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25+ Best NOMADLAND Movie Quotes

Nomadland Movie Quotes

The new film Nomadland is a powerful take on real life nomads in our country today. There is much Oscar talk surrounding this movie. I will have my review coming soon, so make sure to stop back by, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from it. I love me a good line and this movie was sure to deliver them. Check out this list of 25+ best Nomadland movie quotes.

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Nomadland Movie Quotes

Your van looks kind of ratty.

They are only giving me 7-8 months to live.

I think I lived a pretty good life.

Maybe when I die, my friends with gather around a fire and toss a rock into the fire in memory of me.

We are going to drink to the friends who had to go away.

We be the b*tches of the Badlands.

Welcome to the Badland spa.

I’m gonna board an Earth ship.

I thinks it’s better if you don’t drive through the park in the dark.

Nomadland Movie Quotes

I’m gonna go to the Beat Harvest in Nebraska.

That’s the stars of Vega but it is 24 light years away.

I don’t know why anyone would want to live here.

You want to come with me?

I live in there, it’s my home.

Seems like real estate always ends up on the upside.

We are not all in the position to chuck everything and hit the road.

You may have seemed weird but it was just because you were braver and more honest than anyone else.

You left a big hole by leaving.

Cause you are staying.

I like you. You are a good person.

Nomadland Movie Quotes

A feast of a family. To the new ones and I guess old ones.

There was nothing in our way.

Because she loved rocks.

I couldn’t pick up and move on.

I may have spent too much on my life just remembering.

How can I be alive on this Earth when he is not?

There is no final goodbye. I just say I’ll see you down the road and you do.

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