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50+ Shocking Amazon’s HERSELF Movie Quotes

Herself Movie Quotes

Amazon Prime Studio’s Herself movie dropped this weekend and let me tell you, it is not an easy one to watch!  I will have a movie review coming soon, so make sure to stop back by, it will be linked down below. In the meantime I wanted to share some of the most shocking quotes from the movie. I love me a good line and boy, this one had some good ones. Check out this list of 50+ shocking Herself movie quotes.

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Herself Parents Guide Movie Review

Herself Movie Quotes

Molly, you know it’s her birthmark. Why do you aslways ask?

I was in God’s pocket and He had me in His art shop, and He said, ‘Ah, if I have to find you I’m just gonna have to give you a little mark, because there’s loads of Sandras in Dublin.’

Were you planning an escape?

You did this. It’s your fault.

How’s himself behaving? Access visits going okay?

Don’t be making a scene, Gary. I don’t want the neighbors thinking that my son is any more of a f*&^up than he already is.

Home sweet home, huh?

I’m getting help. I’m seeing a counselor.

I’d rather stick my head in there. Bleeding disgrace.

I want to build a house. And these are a list of some of the vacant spots that you have going spare.

Stop fussing. I must have fainted, I haven’t been able to eat.

Why didn’t you just ask me?

It’s land Sandra, going to waste. Use it. Build a house for you and your girls.

Herself Movie Quotes

Your mother was more than a cleaner to me. She was a friend.

Your customer service, serve the customer. She’s only after a price check. It’s not rocket science.

What are you gonna do about Aisling’s den?

Well, you did well to get away from that. Some family, eh?

A house? Our own house?

Our own special secret.

Like Black Widow.

Health and safety is number one on the site. It’s all about the hat and the boots.

We’ll let herself do the honors.

It’s your home, you break ground.

I just want them to have a hot meal.

Together. We could just go back.

Codeine does nothing for nerve damage.

I don’t want to go.

She’s not herself. Could be a kidney infection. So she wants to stay with me.

The only reason she’s acting up is cause she knows she can get what she wants.

Command and control.

Earplugs, Nathan. Works for me.

Hard days work.

I wonder if they have cameras on your face following her arse?

It’s a pub not a f*&^ing nursery.

Daddy told me to give this to you.

Will you go in and see your dad?

Keep her, but I know when you’re lying to me, Sandra. I always know. 

Breach of access is an offense.

Herself Movie Quotes

I’m sorry love, but legally he has a right to do this.

What is the point of a house if I have no kids to put in it?

They might take the girls because she fudged some bloody form?

You’re building a home for your children. You’re working day and night to give them a childhood that they’ve been denied, and then every weekend you have to drop them home to that f*&^er.

Ask him why he is using the children as pawns in front of us all while we’re all wondering why I didn’t fill in a form right?

Because she was hiding in the wardrobe pissing on herself because she was so scared of seeing you. She saw, Gary. She saw you that day. She watched you punch my face and pull my hair and wreck my hand. And you didn’t see her but she saw.

Asking me questions like, ‘Why didn’t you leave him?’ but you never ask, ‘Why didn’t he stop?’

I’m keeping me kids.

He can’t have done this to us.

He’s been arrested, Sandra. He’s in custody. He’s going away for a long time. You’re safe.

When he was a child, he learned well what could be done within four walls with no one watching but I knew. I just didn’t want to believe.

He’s destroyed himself, not you.

It’s over. You’re free.