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Highlights From Disney Plus’ WANDAVISION Press Junket


Wandavision drops on Disney Plus this coming Friday, January 15th. I had the opportunity to screen the first three episodes of the series, my review will be live on Thursday, so keep an eye out for it!! In the meantime, I also attended the Wandavision press junket and have some fun facts about the new series, straight from the talent’s mouths!

Participating Talent

Kevin Feige (Producer)

Elizabeth Olsen (Wanda) 

Paul Bettany (Vision)

Kathryn Hahn (Agnes)

Teyonah Parris (Monica Rambeau)

Matt Shakman (Director)

Jac Schaeffer (Head Writer)

Wandavision Press Junket Highlights

In true sitcom form, the Wandavision press junket was moderated by Jaleel White, who played Steve Urkel in the ABC TV sitcom Family Matters.  This is a true testiment for what the new Wandavision series is about. And here is a fun fact to start things off with, Jaleel introduced all of the participating talent, as each appeared on screen. However, as he was about to start questions, he realized he had forgotten Kathryn Hahn! After realizing the mistake, I was waiting for him to say, “Did I do thaaaat?” Check out some other highlights from the press junket:

  • The cast prepared for Wandavision by watching a ton of old comedy shows. They also worked with a dialect coach.
  • Paul Bettany on Vision – He is part Tony Stark, part Ultron, part Jarvis, so why not throw a little Dick Van Dyke in as well? Most importantly, he is decent and honorable and exists for Wanda.
  • Kathryn Hahn has had a neighbor like her character Agnes, one which pops over unannounced.
  • Elizabeth Olsen filmed in front of a live studio audience. She said it confused her brain!
  • Teyonah Parris confirms Monica Rambeau will join Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel in Captain Marvel 2.
  • Commercials in Wandavision are used as hints to things to come within the MCU.
  • Elizabeth Olsen – From Wanda’s point of view, she would describe Wandavision as a family sitcom of two people trying to fit in and not be discovered for being different.
  • The decade changes with each Wandavision episode.
  • Kevin Feige – We are depicting the sitcom reality of each decade, not the actual reality of each decade.
  • We will find out more of what Monica Rambeau has seen and been through during the course of the Wandavision series.
  • With each episode based on a sitcom, Elizabeth Olsen couldn’t wiggle her nose (like Bewitched), so they had to come up with something different for Wandavision.
  • Kevin Feige – We hope Wandavision says get ready for something new and different. The idea was to do something that cannot be done in a feature film.
  • The Twitlight Zone was an inspiration for some of the darker aspects in the Wandavision series.
  • Kevin Feige – Many things from The Mandalorian have inspired Marvel Studios, particularly the week to week episode drops, which lead to conversations from fans.
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