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40+ Touching HULU The Ultimate Playlist Of Noise Quotes

The Ultimate Playlist Of Noise Quotes

HULU’s new movie The Ultimate Playlist Of Noise is an emotional one that I am sure audiences will love. I will have a movie review coming soon, so make sure to stop back by, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, check out this list of some of the best quotes from the movies! I love me a good line and this one had some great and touching ones! Check out this list of 40+ touching HULU The Ultimate Playlist Of Noise quotes!

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The Ultimate Playlist Of Noise Parents Guide Review

The Ultimate Playlist Of Noise Quotes

I know what you are thinking, is wearing two pairs of headphones over kill?

Sound is my escape and it is something bigger than myself. Some people play video games, some watch movies, I listen to Sonic Youth while pretending I’m walking through a thunderstorm.

That kid with the ugly ass scar on his back.

When I was a kid our house caught on fire and my older brother Alex rescued me. He didn’t survive.

Everything I do, I do for Alex.

I’m the same age as Alex was when he passed away, so I think she is just getting a little extra.

I don’t think I believe in love at first sight but, love at first sound? Yeah, I can believe in that.

What seemed like an acid trip going horribly array, was actually me having a seizure.

You will lose your hearing.

Having a brain tumor is the perfect excuse to start drinking.

I really love sound.

Obviously, I can live without my hearing. I just don’t want to.

If it weren’t for my History teacher getting laid, the idea would’ve never come to me.

I wanted a greatest hits album, A life’sworth of hearing crammed into just one month.

A going away party for my ears, with all of my favorites sounds invited.

Alex was the all-time greatest.

This is the last chance for me to hear what it sounds like to be alive. My last chance to hear Alex.

I’d totally go to jail for those eyes.

The Ultimate Playlist Of Noise Quotes

One month from now there’s a Marcus who never found peace with losing his hearing. But there’s also a Marcus who did. And I don’t think you and I want to be the parents who decides which one he gets to be.

What if crazy was suppose to happen?

My brain did have a gigantic tumor in it, so how could I trust what it said anyway?

Wendy made me happy. Really happy.

Have you never seen a girl in her underwear before?

I wouldn’t want you going deaf before you hear a girl orgasm.

Why didn’t you ask me about my scar?

I’d rather have an ugly reminder that love exists than no reminder at all.

You look so much like your brother it is blowing my mind.

Alex didn’t start the fire, he saved me from it.

Alex started the fire. it was a, you know, it was a suicide.

Well, I’ glad I let you live your dream before you gave it up.

Alex was diagnosedwith bipolar when he was 13. He struggled with anxiety and depression and pschosis.

To be really honest, it was easy to let you believe that.

You’re not really good at protecting your f*&^ing kids, are you?

The Ultimate Playlist Of Noise Quotes

I just want you to be happy, Marcus.

Please, just one more day.

I love you more than anything in the world.

I see that life without sound is still beautiful. It’s just a different kind of beautiful.

Saying goodbye to something you love is hard.

That’s a life worth living, with or without hearing.

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