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45+ Heartbreaking Netflix PIECES OF A WOMAN Movie Quotes


Pieces Of A Woman movie, starring Shia LaBeouf and Vanessa Kirby, dropped on Netflix this week and let me tell you, it is an emotional one. I will have a movie review coming soon, so make sure to stop back by, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to shared some quotes from the film. I love me a good line and boy, this had some heartbreaking ones. Check out my list of 45+ heartbreaking Netflix Pieces Of A Woman movie quotes.

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Pieces Of A Woman Parents Guide

Pieces Of A Woman Movie Quotes

She got it gray like her soul.

The three of us matter.

Remember we went to the prenatal meetings and they said, ‘Listen. We’re gonna flip some cards. Maybe something might not go perfectly, might not go according to plan, things might change.’ We’re flipping cards.

This is actually hurting now.

She sounds really good.

When you feel like it, you can push.

The heart rate is not where I want it.

Call 911. Tell them we have a home delivery and the baby is in distress.

I need to take her. She’s blue.

She will surely rot in prison.

There are certain things medically, we just don’t have answers for.

You don’t know if it could have been prevented, you son’t know who’s at fault. You don’t know anything.

I’m gonna donate her body to the university.

Piece Of A Woman Movie Quotes

There’s some stuff that I can pay for.

She needs help. She doesn’t know what she is doing.

Maybe you will take a little responsiblity for a change?

You can’t send her anywhere, please. Promise me?

Do you want to put her body on masquerade?

We don’t need this room. Because we don’t have a kid.

Penny for your thoughts.

Touch me. I miss you.

People wanna kill this woman. With the mistake she’s made, the case is practically won with two eight year imprisonment. The gross negligence on not calling an ambulance in time to a dying baby should be enough to put her away.

You can win millions.

Thank you, for everything.

You lied to me. You’re a f*&^ing liar. F*&^ing b*tch.

You’re planning something.

He stepped in his own sh*t?

He said time heals all wounds.

We’re just trying to keep it light is all.

I don’t them to judge you.

Who cares what they think? This is about me, this is about my body.

I’m not going to your f*&^ing trial.

I am facing this.

We need some justice here.

If you would have done it my way, you would be holding your baby in your arms right now.

She stashed me uner he floor boards, which I had to go out and steal food so she could make milk enough to keep me alive, but just alive. Not strong enough to cry.

I wasn’t strong enough to survive.

Piece Of A Woman Movie Quotes

Lift your head and fight for yourself, for God’s sakes!

I never liked you.

Take it and don’t come back.

She smelled like an apple.

This woman did not intentionally harm my girl.

And I do not think it is her fault.

If I ask for compensation or money, then I am saying I can be compensated and I can’t. I can’t bring her back.

That is not why my daughter came into this world for the time that she did.