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40+ BEST Disney Plus’ FLORA AND ULYSSES Quotes

Flora And Ulysses Quotes

Disney Plus’ new film Flora And Ulysses drops Friday February 19th and it is one you will NOT want to miss! I will have a movie review coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out, it will be linked down below! In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the film. I love me a good line and this definitely had some super cute ones! Check out this list of 40+ best Disney Plus’ Flora And Ulysses quotes.

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Flora And Ulysses Quotes

However different they are, all super heroes come to us with a purpose.

They never show up in the real world.

If you ask me, great art belongs to the world.

You think these guys have been sitting here for 16 hours so that I can talk to Flora the explorer?

Old is the new new.

She wrote about love because she had love. We all did.

Incadesto fights for the weak no matter how they taste.

Cynics don’t hope, they see what’s real.

You’re just a nice squirrel.

I’m an artist, I suffer for my art.

Now I can’t eat my way out of sadness.

The important thing is to find your purpose.

Do you have an enemies?

Flora And Ulysses Quotes

This squirrel is a super hero, the universe sent him for a reason.

Our lives use to be filled with magic.

Remember who you are Ulysses’.

I told you he’s a super hero.

It’s poetry, he’s a great poet.

Maybe it’s okay to hope.

Maybe the best part of having a super hero around, is you start feeling like one too.

Flare up like a flame and find your purpose.

Every super hero has a purpose.

You blocked everyone out to succeed but you blocked yourself out too.

Injustice was being defeated and we were part of it.

Why can’t you just tell her that you don’t want to get divorced?

Sometimes it’s easier to draw a super hero than to act like one.

I love you 3000.

Even in the darkest of times, a true hero will risk everything to save the world he loves.

It’s all on me to fix it. Nobody cares.

I can’t believe I am losing my family because I can’t view the world like a squirrel.

You aren’t losing anybody, I just forgot to turn back.

Flora And Ulysses Quotes

Nothing would be easier without you because you are everything.

You are what I did right.

How can I ever forget that there is magic in the world when you are standing right in front of me.

You don’t come into our waterpark unless you are ready to make some waves.

I think this is where I’m suppose to be.

I’ve spent the better part of my life dreaming to take down villains like you.

Every super hero comes to us with a purpose.

The world is filled with wonder and magic. And we found it in the people we love.

The most heroic thing we could do, was to say goodbye.

The world was as it should be.

We have love and we have comic books. Not just the ones we got to read but the ones we got to live.

I say do not hope, observe. 

You’ll see how much wonder the world actually has and you won’t be a cynic anymore.