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American Idol 2021 Claudia Conway & More Contestants

American Idol is back with its season 19 premiere on Valentine’s Day 2021. Check out some highlights of the contestants including Claudia Conway!

American Idol 2021 Contestants and Claudia Conway

The pandemic and quarantine hit in the middle of last year’s American Idol season and contestants were forced to perform their final idol moments virtually from backyards and even converted garages. Hollywood had to adjust the way they forged ahead, especially when it came to some of the live tapings of shows. The new American Idol season 19 is back, with its premiere on Valentine’s Day and showcasing some amazing contestants, including the TikTok star Claudia Conway. Check out the highlights from last nights show.

American Idol 2021 Contestants and Claudia Conway

Claudia Conway first posted a clip of her American Idol audition on her TikTok last November, which immediately made headlines and even wondering if it was a ploy for the series to obtain higher ratings. Conway shot back with a statement “A lot of people think that my being on American Idol is a publicity stunt but I can promise you it is not. I have been vocally trained and in music for most of my life and did this on my own merit.” I am guessing after last night’s performance many of those skeptics are now silents because her rendition of Adele’s “When We Were Young” was beautiful. Check it out below!

Claudia Conway was accompanies by her dad George Conway, who we may know for his part in the Lincoln Project. Most notably is Claudia’s mother Kellyanne Conway, who is best know for working at the White House under Donald Trump.  While Kellyanne was absent from her daughter’s performance, she does make a surprise cameo where she cheers on Claudia and exclaims, “Remember honey, winners are people who are willing to lose.” Seems sort of fitting or not, considering kellyanne worked for Donald Trump, who to this day has not accepted his loss of the 2020 Persidential election.

Benson Boone

Some other amazing talent was showcased last night, one being another TikTok star, 18 year old Benson Boone. Benson confessed that he only started singing last year and he didn’t even know how to work a microphone during his audition. Check it out below.

Nia Renee

17 year old Nia Renne floored judges with her soulful voice. So much so that Katy Perry crowned Nia the new “queen of soul” and after listening to her rendition of Chain Of Fools, you can see why.

Grace Kinstler

It seems like they saved the best for last with grace Kinstler, who reminds me much of the powerhouse voice of Kelly Clarkson. “This is the first time in four years that just someone singing made me cry,” said Luke and compared her to the voices of Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson. Check it out.


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