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Best MYTH: A FROZEN TALE Quotes From Jeff Gipson & Brittney Lee

Myth: A Frozen Tale Quotes

Disney+’s Myth: A Frozen Tale is originally a viritual reality short film and will now be coming to the streaming service on Friday, February 26th! The story centers around (movie synopsis quote): an enchanted forest outside of Arendelle, a family sits down for a bedtime story and is transported to a vibrant and mystical world where the elemental spiritscome to life and the myth of their past and future is revealed. I was able to attend the press junket for the short film with some of the creators. Check out some of the interesting Myth: A Frozen Tale tidbits, with direct quotes from Jeff Gipson & Brittney Lee.

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Participating Talent:

  • Jeff Gipson (Director)
  • Brittney Lee (Production Designer)
  • Moderated by Producer Nicholas Russell 

Myth: A Frozen Tale Direct Quotes From Filmmakers

Myth: A Frozen Tale Direct Quotes From Filmmakers

During the Myth: A Frozen Tale press junket Director Jeff Gipson and Production Designer Brittney Lee discussed bringing this short to life in VR and eventually now in Disney+. Check out some of the direct quotes from the junket:

  • I was really thinking about those elemental spirits who are such a big part of “Frozen 2.” I was really inspired by the graphic look of shadow puppets and pop-up books and imagine a world that if you were able to step into that kind of pop-up book, that story, what would that look like as a stylized version of the “Frozen 2” world?Jeff Gipson

  • We also were adding the fifth spirit, and we wanted that to be representative of all the elements combined so we gave it a prismatic effect and thought that might be a nice way to show how when everything works together there in this beautiful combination.Brittney Lee

  • I wanted to each element to have their own score and Joseph Trapanese really leaned into that looking at “Peter and the Wolf” and all those inspirations we mentioned earlier. It was just such a pleasure working with Joe and so happy to have him on board.Jeff Gipson

  • The family that you meet at the beginning of “Myth” is very much a family that you would you would see in the “Frozen “world. We wanted to be very true to the aesthetic of Frozen for them and wanted to make sure that we did justice to the Frozen world so it would be obvious to you as a viewer that “oh yes this is part of ‘Frozen’’ and these may be characters that you would see walking around Arendelle.Brittney Lee

  • For “Myth,” diamonds were stylistic elements that we really pushed in each of them and as you watch the film you can see diamonds sort of in each of the characters. –Brittney Lee

  • Early on we could start thinking about camera angles and composition that really gave that experience of both the VR version and the streaming version that we wanted to create around you. These VR paintings are amazing and really informative in our process.Jeff Gipson

  • The film’s about harmony and that what happens within harmony. All of our artists, our technicians, our production folks came to create something that’s really special.Jeff Gipson

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