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Interview With Tim Story – Tom & Jerry: The Movie

Interview With Tim Story: Tom & Jerry The Movie

Tom & Jerry: The Movie will be coming to theaters and streaming exclusively on HBO Max this Friday, February 26th! It is such an adorable film and brings back all the nostalgia that we know and love about the silly cat and mouse duo. I recently chatted with Tim Story, director of the film, and my daughter had the opportunity to join in and ask Tim some questions of her own! Check out some of the fun facts we learned from the interview and about the new Tom & Jerry movie! And make sure to stay tuned for my Tom & Jerry: The Movie full review and more fun!

Full Tim Story Interview

Check out the full interview with Tim Story, director of Tom & Jerry: The Movie!

Interview With Tim Story: Tom & Jerry The Movie

Director Tim Story shared all the tidbits about the new Tom & Jerry: The Movie! Check out some of the highlights from the interview, no worries none of these contain spoilers. 

  • The film is set in New York city but primarily filmed in London at the Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden, Battersea Park (in London), and Fulmer Wood in Slough.
  • Tom & Jerry: The Movie stays true to the original Hanna Barbera cartoons from the ’40’s and ’50’s. Tom or Jerry does not speak in those original cartoons, yet Tom has been known to sing once and awahile.
  • They chose to CGI the characters instead of using live animals because Tom and Jerry were always animated in the cartoon.
  • Some of the scenes were filmed with puppets. Digital creators remove the puppets and replaced them with animated animals.
  • Jerry’s home in the film was all digitally created.
  • Tim Story’s has a part in the film as the voice of a pigeon.
  • There was a scene cut that didn’t make the film where Jerry gets revenge on a seagull.
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