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75+ Of the Darkest Netflix THE IRREGULARS Quotes

The Irregulars Quotes

Netflix YA supernatural drama The Irregulars, dropped on the streaming service today March 26th! I have a series review of the show linked down below, so be sure to check it out!  I also wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the series. I love me a good line and this series has some seriously dark ones! Check out this list of the best and darkest Netflix The Irregulars quotes.

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The Irregulars Parents Guide Review

The Irregulars Quotes

There was this thing, like a dark thing, and it was coming at me.

Just two sprays will make any man want to make sweet, sweet love to you.

I just don’t have time for men.

My handsomeness is making me a target.

I’ve decided what I want for my birthday from my mother. I wish to leave the palace.

The city is a hard place, sir. It is not for those with a delicate constitution.

You don’t know about the workhouse, you weren’t there like the rest of us.

How dare you speak to your betters like that?

You’re making connections that aren’t there.

I’d say congratulations, you are officially going to hell.

What happens in this room will remain between us.

Five nights in a row I heard this scraping and clawing outside the window. It sounded like…

I’m so glad I’ve found you.

I don’t keep you here because I take pleasure in it.

I’m afraid there has been some dreadful misunderstanding.

Her eyes were ripped out of her head by birds.

The girl is dead and four babies are missing.

The most striking things is, they were all born on the same day.

You are like racist against posh people.

He’s saying that someone is controlling the birds.

Because you are a mess, Jessie. Because you are falling to pieces.

I can’t risk losing you as well.

This is my baby.

I promise you, you are safe here. And I promise you, I am not a murderer.

if you touch his arm like this, you will enter his mind.

What you thought was madness, is power.

You come for my babies, you shouldn’t have.

Someone took her and they swapped her.

The Irregulars Quotes

I’ll find her if I have to take every baby in London!

We’re in your memories Arthur.

I’d like to see how you got your powers.

Can we go home now?

You will be pleased to hear all of the babies will be returned to their homes.

Your sister has a gift, she can see things normal people can not.

When you spend a lifetimes fighting demons, you learn when to spot an angel.

A darkness has entered this city.

Don’t go far, this is just the beginning.

If I steal, I do it because my friends and my family need me to.

Atleast in the work house you will be fed, unlike your sister.

I don’t need you holding my hand anymore, Bea.

What would they think if they found out her teeth had been stolen, by some demon?

Are you talking about the ghost lady? You better come inside.

I’m only on the streets because my dad was in the Army too. Only, he wasn’t as lucky to come home.

Get out of my head.

Don’t play a game of remembrance if there’s things you’ve tried to forget.

Poor girls don’t matter.

I seem to collect ailments.

They’ve never seen someone as broken as I.

Whatever you do, don’t let her get into your head. She’s dangerous. She’s powerful.

Monsters make monster.

She’s growing clones of people, using their teeth.

There’s only one way this can be stopped but you will think yourself too moral for it.

No one deserves to die, not even you.

Yes, someone is trying to kill you. And perhaps that is because you are a lowsome human being.

Next time you in a nightmare, how your wrists here and you will leave it.

There’s a barrier between this world and the spirit world.

Our world will cease to exist.

You need to find The Rip.

It makes a monster out of who you are.

Do I look like I want a biscuit?

When it comes to John Watson, there are only warts.

This house may hold the key to what’s going on.

Imagine having so much money, you just build towers for no reason.

Just because you are a pathetic twat, doesn’t mean everyone else is

She looks too proper to kill someone, which means it was probably her.

Sherlock is a bit of a sore subject around here.

It looked like he had been touched by a demon.

Welcome seekers of the light.

I’m more foul than the devil.

The Irregulars Quotes

Nothing is more foul than the devil.

It’s not magic that makes a person powerful. It’s kindness. It’s decency.

You can’t flay a pig the same way you flay a man.

The murdered was found murdered ten days before the murder?

I don’t even remember who I use to be.

You took away everything that I had, everything that I was.

I’m going to be a much better you, than you ever were.

I’m stuck as me.

What do you do when the real you doesn’t fit? When the real you’s a freak?

I need you to take your own life.