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French Exit Parents Guide Movie Review

French Exit at times feels like one is watching a staged play, very slow paced but outstanding performances from the entire cast. Check out the details in my parents guide movie review.

French Exit Parents Guide

French Exit, starrring the beautiful and talented Michelle Pfeiffer, is based off the Patrick DeWitt novel of the same name. The film is a bit odd, with a quirky cast of characters and slow-paced plot which will deliver off-the-wall surprises that viewers are sure to enjoy! Check out all the details in this parents guide movie review.

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French Exit Movie Quotes

French Exit Parents Guide

Frances ( Michelle Pfeiffer) is a widower living in New York and recently found out she is almost out of money. So at the advice of her lawyer, Frances sells all of her possessions and moves to Paris with her adult son Malcom (Lucas Hedges) and their cat Small Frank. Frances had always planned to die before her money runs out, and now that the money is almost gone, she writes to a friend her plan to commit suicide.

French Exit Parents Guide

French Exit Age Appropriate

Lets take a look at what parents need to know before allowing their kids to view French Exit.

Langauge: The film contains strong language, with profanity used throughout, including words: f*ck, d*ck, sh*t, a** and penis.

Sexual Content: There is no nudity shown in this film, yet characters do have sex and discuss having sex.  There is one particular scene which shows a dildo.

Mature Content: The film shows a dead body and there is discussions of suicide. The film also includes consumption of alcohol and smoking of tobacco.

Overall Thoughts

In full disclosure, the French Exit is not the sort of film for everyone. If you enjoy that oddball, quirky sort or dark humor, then this is the sort of movie for you. The overall feel of the film seems very much like you are watching a play, the scenes are heavy on dialogue, move at a very slow-pace and at times it takes a bit to catch on to the humor. It has an overall somber and dark tone, with discussion of suicide and unhappy lives, but it’s also filled with charm and outlandish scenarios that will have you doing a double-take.

The eccentric cast of characters in French Exit is a huge part of the fun and totally absurd. From Madeleine (Danielle MacDonald), the offbeat fortune teller who makes it a habit to inform the elderly of their impending deaths, to Madame Reynaud (Valerie Mahaffey) who prefers to keep her sex toys frozen; it is the unconventional cast of French Exit which carries the film. Of course we can not talk about the cast without mentioning Michelle Pfeiffer, who displays an ageless beauty and is a poignant reminder to the burdens of the wealthy. Pfeiffer exudes the class and grace one would expect from someone of high society, and her matter-of-factness is so good it stings.

French Exit has a lot going on for such a simple plot including supernatural spirits, seances, family grudges and more. While it won’t sate every palate, French Exit deserves respect in a genre laden with drivel.  It is fresh and darkly amusing, though many deep and heavy themes are interspersed throughout, it never drags you down and leaves the viewer better off for having seen it.

French Exit Parents Guide