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Netflix’s YES DAY Parents Guide Movie Review

Yes Day is a super fun, family-friendly flick. Kids will absolutely love it and parents will enjoy the laughs. Check out my parents guide movie review.

Yes Day Parents Guide

Netflix’s Yes Day drops on the streaming service tomorrow, March 12th. After a year locked up in our homes with loved ones, this film is a nice reminder of the family fun adventures that await us in the very near future. Starring Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez, parents are going to want to say “yes” to this super cute family-friendly film. Check out all the details in my parents guide movie review.

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Yes Day Movie Quotes

Yes Day Parents Guide

Allison (Jennifer Garner) and husband Carlos (Edgar Ramirez) used to live carefree lives, saying “yes” to anything and everything.  Once the couple had children “yes” turned into “no”, and multiple “NO’s” throughout the day. After it comes to Allison’s attention that her kids do school projects about what a mean mother she is, she decides to have a Yes Day, where parents say yes to whatever the kids ask for.

Yes Day Parents Guide

Yes Day Age Appropriate

Lets take a look at what parents need to know before letting their kids watch Yes Day.

Language: Yes Day contains extremely mild language. The harshest words you will hear are loser, wuss, shut up and poopy pants.

Mature Content: There is discussion of twerking at the beginning of the movie and the characters attempt to twerk but it is a very G-rated rendition of it. There is a scene where men think they are competing to be on The Bachelor and they show their abs. There is also some potty humor.

Violence: There is a scene at an amusement park where two adults fight over a prize gorilla. 

Overall Thoughts

One must take Netflix’s Yes Day for what it is, a fun, silly, light adventure that the entire family can enjoy watching together. By no means will this film win any awards, but that isn’t to say it doesn’t deserve its own accolades in the family film genre. With an hour and 20 minute run time, and constant silly antics, it will easily keep the interests of all ages.

Keep in mind, the movie is geared towards kids and contains silly jokes, lots of potty humor, and zany fun. Yes Day is extremely predictable but it is expected with a movie like this, and that fact did not take anything away from the viewing enjoyment. The activities the family takes part in, such as ice cream challenges, water ballon tournaments, and amusement parks felt a bit nostalgic after having been quarantined this past year. However upon seeing families enjoy those activities together onscreen, and knowing the world is slowly getting back to normal, it instilled a bit of excitement in me that perhaps lead me to contemplate a “Yes Day” for my own family.

The acting in this film never felt forced, which can easily happen when you are dealing with child actors. Jennifer Garner is always a pleasure to watch in these sorts of roles, her chemistry with the kids is very natural, no doubt having her own brood has hepled her even more. The overall message of finding the value in saying yes in this scenario, is remembering the REAL value of saying no, and it is one parents’ definitely can appreciate, especially if watching this film with teenagers. I could only imagine how that movie would play out, I’d be broke before we ever left the house!

Yes Day Parents Guide