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South ParQ Vaccination Special Parents Guide Review

South ParQ Vaccination Special brings laughs to the absurdity our country is currently facing. Inappropriate at times but that is the South Park montra. Check out the details in my parents guide review.

South ParQ Vaccination Special Parents Guide

We have seen many shows poke fun of the craziness that happened this past year, with specials like Netflix’s Death of 2020 and more. Now South Park is adding to those laughs with South ParQ Vaccination Special now playing on HBO Max, and by the way the Q in ParQ stands for QAnon. Oh yes, along with poking fun at the vaccines and the pandemic, this special is also going after the conspiracy theorists. Check out all the details in my parents guide review.

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South ParQ Vaccination Special Parents Guide

The kids of South Park are dealing with the pandemic like the rest of the world. Some kids are attending virtual school while others attend in-school but have to wear masks.  The vaccine has arrived but only an exclusive list of elderly people are able to receive it. After Cartman and the gang pull a prank on the teacher, she quits and is replaced by someone even worse! So, they hatch a plan to get their old teacher a vaccine so that she’ll return.

South ParQ Vaccination Special Parents Guide

South ParQ Vaccination Special Age Appropriate

Lets take a look at what parents need to know before allowing their kids to watch South ParQ Vaccination Special.

Language: The special contains very harsh language with profanity used throughout. Words include: b*tch, sh*t, f*ck, p*ssy, c*ck, c*nt, a**h*le, d*ck hole, loser, suck and vag*na. Phrases like “You are gay” are used. There are also scenes where characters give the bird.

Mature Content: The kids pull a prank on the teacher, placing ketchup on her chair so when she stands up, it looks like she bled through her clothng due to her period. A Secret Service man is shown wearing a G-string. A big penis is shown. A teacher dies of Covid.

Overall Thoughts

As the title makes clear, South ParQ Vaccination Special is not only going to touch on the craziness of the pandemic but also QAnon and the conspiracies which come out of that organization. The episode which runs just under an hour long, touches on all the QAnon conspiracies from the liberal elites eating babies, to some of the most famous QAnon figures making appearances like the QAnon Shaman, who participated in the January 6th storming of the capital wearing a horned fur headdress and face paint. While it is hard to top the total absurdity that QAnon followers believe, the episode brings all the humor related to the organization, especially when QAnon members begin tutoring virtual school children and enlist them as “QTies.”

Along with the whole QAnon plot going on, this special also brings light to the vaccination situation we are all dealing with in that special way that only South Park can deliver. Gangs of individuals are seen lined up outside of Walgreen’s begging to get inside for a vaccination shot, while VIP members “AKA The Elderly” are allowed right in to receive theirs. Of course South Park puts it’s own silly spin on it with the elderly mocking those in line, giving them the finger as they shout, “I’m 79 b*tches” and then proceed to the bar to get loose, because they are vaccinated and can!

The best part about South ParQ Vaccination Special is it centered on the original characters Cartman, Kyle, Kenny and Stan and it also brings back Mr. Garrison, who we last saw in DC as a stand-in for Donald Trump. With Mr. Garrison back, it feels like the old South Park we know and love. His return fits in perfectly with the QAnon plot, as we see his story arc bring him full circle into his teaching position (reunited with Mr. Hat), while also recognized by the QAnon members as “The Chosen One” a title he does not want!

This is not the first attempt South Park makes at poking fun to some of the events this past year, “The Pandemic Special” was released last September and totally flopped with fans. It seem they are trying to redeem themselves with South ParQ Vaccination Special by pleasing fans and bringing back the original characters from the classic seasons while also poking fun at the insanity we are all currenting experiencing. South Park fans are sure to enjoy it nonetheless, but personally I have felt it slipping away in recent years. The best part about South Park is that an episode doesn’t take long to make and can always be topical and in the moment, however after a year of dealing with this pandemic, a special aimed squarely at it in jest didn’t feel as though it helped as much as complete departure would have.

South ParQ Vaccination Special Parents Guide