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The Falcon And The Winter Soldier ‘It Doesn’t Suck’ Press Junket

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Press Conference

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier is dropping on Disney+ this coming Friday, March 14th. Critics received early screenings of the first episode, and the first reactions lookes promising!  I was able to attend the press junket, including many of the talent from the series, and well ‘of course’ Marvel and Kevin Feige would never drop a spoiler, but we did get to hear some interesting facts about the show! Check out some of the highlights!

Participating Talent

  • Anthony Mackie (“Sam Wilson”)
  • Sebastian Stan (“Bucky Barnes”)
  • Kari Skogland (Director)
  • Malcolm Spellman (Head Writer)
  • Kevin Feige (Producer)

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Press Junket

It was great to hear directly from the mouths of the creators and other talent who worked on The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. After the huge success of Wandavision, this series has a lot to live up to and I believe both Anthony Mackie and Kevin Feige agree, both declaring “This series doesn’t suck.”

Lets take a look at some of the other fun facts and highlights from the press junket:

  • Kevin Feige said just because this was on TV doesn’t mean they couldn’t go as big as they do in the movies. To make this point, we wanted to start off with the first scene being one of the best action scenes you’ve seen.
  • Kari Skogland – We get to know who the characters are. The series allows the opportunity to learn more of the back stories and who these characters are, it gives them a chance to really “go deep.”
  • Anthony Mackie is excited everyone will see a new and improved Sam Wilson.
  • Speaking of Sam Wilson, it was discussed he is from New Orleans. Mackie was happy about this, being a Louisianian himself.
  • Sebastian Stan was a little “freaked out” playing a character that was “established” for many years but now has to go-in and ask “What is he now?”
  • Both Mackie and Stan discuss their characters relationship now. Both have a mutual respect for one another, being soldiers is something that brings them together. However, with Steve Rogers now gone, both were thrown into opposite corners.
  • Mackie and Stan discuss the intensity of the action scenes and stunts, with 6 hours of footage making up 6 episodes of the series. “Nothing was watered down.”
  • Kevin Feige says Bucky and Sam are essential to the MCU. There doesn’t need to be a “world shattering” event, character shifts also have a massive impact to the future of the MCU.
  • When asked who will end up with the shield and about a certain “US Agent” Kevin Feige says “The clues are everywhere to what has lead to this moment.”
  • Sebastian Stan – Exploring who they are now and what they have to contribute is the arc of the show.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Timeline And Endgame Trauma

Malcolm Spellman says where Endgame leaves off, the entire world is dealing with one single issue (the blip) and everything is born from that. It is the one thing that effects everyone on the planet at the same time and everyone is dealing with that, including the heroes.

Feige goes on to talk about the impact of the trauma the heroes faced specifically, “There has been a lot of trauma for the chracters over the years. What if we were these characters, what if we lived this? There would be a lot of external trauma and that has been fun to explore.” He also points out that the length of the series allows them more time to explore the experiences and emotions of these characters.

Best The Falcon And The Winter Soldiers Quotes From The Junket

Sam believes in comradery and friendship. Just like Captain America was your Cap, Captain America was also Sam’s Cap.Anthony Mackie

We are always better by the people we surround ourselves with. –Sebastian Stan

Wandavision was a nice boost of confidence to continue on the path we started many years ago.Kevin Feige

Covid did not change the timeline, even though The Falcon And The Winter Soldier was suppose to be the first to come out on Disney+. –Kari Skogland

Endgame was a monumental shift for the super hero universe.Anthony Mackie

I didn’t want to be the first crappy Marvel project. I wanted to make Steve Rogers proud with a show that doesn’t suck. –Anthony Mackie

It’s a show that doesn’t suck. –Kevin Feige

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