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45+ Best Netflix CONCRETE COWBOY Movie Quotes

Concrete Cowboy Movie Quotes

Netflix’s Concrete Cowboy, starring Idris Elba, is now playing on the streaming service! I will have a movie review coming soon, so be sure to stop back by to check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of the best quotes from the film. I love me a good line and this has some reall powerful ones! Check out this list of 45+ best Netflix Concrete Cowboy movie quotes.

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Concrete Cowboy Parents Guide Movie Review

Concrete Cowboy Movie Quotes

I’m not sure we have the resources to help your son. At this point we recommend a full expulsion.

You’re going to stay with your father for the summer.

This life isn’t working, Cole.

Mama, please don’t leave me here. Mama, please.

I don’t know stables. I don’tknow you.

He ain’t making no friends, so watch your hands.

There’s a horse, in your house.

Once you step out, doors stay locked until morning.

I suggest you cozy up with those nasty a** f*cking horses.

I’m all the family you gonna need.

I keep a warm meal and a clean bed for when the prodigals return.

No, you’re still running out there. You ain’t ate that pig slop yet.

You got a mouth like your Daddy.

Concrete Cowboy Movie Quotes

The past is not the present.

I’ll spend the rest of my life in this chair. Fighting over nothing. Fighting over a corner.

I didn’t say she didn’t have nice legs. 

Ain’t seen nothing but ponytail and a**. I thought she was a horse.

I’m riding with me, like I did from day one.

I hid out because I wanted to meet you, man.

Are you in this or not?

That’s the dream.

Boo, he got out. He’s in the baseball field going crazy.

Don’t crowd him, give him some space.

You know what that horse needs.

You want to be a trashman like your Pops?

Everyone who was suppose to take care of meleft me out on them corners, man.

We’re alone out here, man.

We’re gonna be good.

Man, that boy can rip.

You don’t have to get out to grow up.

You ready to stand on a horse?

We built this place. It’s our home!

Where ever we going, it’s going to be somewhere quiet, somewhere still.

You have to find Cole.

Concrete Cowboy Movie Quotes

I feel like I was born with a boot on my neck.

Watch your back out there. That’s what my momma use to tell me.

The only home I’ve ever known was on the back of a horse.

Let’s give him his last ride.

I’ve been out there three nights waiting for your dumb a**es to drum up the courage.

Back up will be here in about 5 minutes, I suggest you giddy up.

Let them take it, cause they can’t take who we are as a people.

Home ain’t a place. It’s a fam. It’s what makes us Cowboys.

We are gonna do what we always do. We are gonna ride.

Thank you for bringing him to me.

He still got a lot to learn, he ain’t no me.