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CircleⓇ Home Plus Review: Track Your Kids Phone

CircleⓇ Home Plus

There is so much to worry about when parenting a teenager these days, especially when it comes to electronics. Truth be told, my teen can navigate most of the apps and websites better than I can, which can make parenting cumbersome considering this makes it more difficult to monitor their online activities. Add the fact that most teens have their phone devices with them 24/7, technology really makes it a pain to not only watch what your kids are doing online but also to limit the amount of screentime they receive in a day. Thanks to the CircleⓇ Home Plus, parents can do both the online monitoring and limit screentime access! Check out all the details in my CircleⓇ Home Plus review.

CircleⓇ Home Plus

CircleⓇ Home Plus is the #1 comprehensive screen time management solution, Circle is committed to making families’ lives better, online and off. They envision a world where families find balance, set healthy limits, build good habits, and get the best out of their digital experiences, rather than being consumed by them. Circle’s screen time management and parental controls solution is the easiest way to manage all your family’s connected devices—everywhere—and keep kids safe online.

CircleⓇ Home Plus

What Does The CircleⓇ Home Plus Do?

From mobile phones and tablets to smart TVs and video game consoles, CircleⓇ Home Plus allows parents to set screen time limits, pause the Internet, and filter content across every device—all from one app. The Safe Search option defaults Google and Bing searches to remove explicit content from their results, making searching kid-friendly.

  • Age-appropriate filters for different websites and apps (or block content all together).
  • Time limits for both individual apps and categories of content.
  • Bedtimes that automatically disconnect devices from the Internet.
  • Pause/temporarily turn off Internet-connectivity for a single family member or everyone at the same time.
  • Focus Time to restrict access to certain sites for specific periods of the day—a perfect tool to keep distance learning or homework time on track.

CircleⓇ Home Plus

If I am being honest, the kids are not the only ones with their noses stuck into their devices all the time but since the pandemic hit, it seems like the problem has gotten worse, especially at bedtime. I recently read that since COVID-19 hit, kids have increased their screentime by 500%. This is probably also due to virtual schooling but also kids are keeping in touch with kids via their devices. Nearly half of American children spend more than six hours a day in front of a screen! With the world beginning to open back up, I have noticed that this screen addiction has run deep and continued the constant screentime even though they are back in school and able to see their friends daily.

What I Love About The CircleⓇ Home Plus

Along with the amazing benefits of CircleⓇ Home Plus listed about, my personal favorite benefit is the device locator. Now that my teens are on-the-go often, they never leave home without their devices. They regularly walk to and from school and sometimes go to a friends home and being a teen, they do not always respond to a text. But with the locator, I am rest easy knowing where they are at all times.

The setting a bedtime during school days has been a huge plus as well, no more late nights and overly tired mornings because they were playing around on their devices throughout the night! And when they have homework to do, I can also pause devices like their video games, to ensure they aren’t playing around when homework is suppose to be done. CircleⓇ Home Plus really makes family time more enjoyable, when none of us are stuck in our devices and actually can enjoy our time together, myself included!

CircleⓇ Home Plus

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