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Collection Of Best MORTAL KOMBAT Movie Quotes

Mortal Kombat Quotes

Mortal Kombat dropped on HBO Max and in theaters today, April 23rd. Based off the very popular video game, thisis one that is surely going to be packed with action! I have a movie review of the film linked down below, so be sure to check it out! I also jotted down some of my favorite quotes from the film. I love me a good line and this movie had some great ones! Check out this collection of the best Mortal Kombat movie quotes.

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Mortal Kombat Parents Guide Movie Review

Mortal Kombat Movie Quotes

This day has been a long time coming to the end of your bloodline.

Do not forget this face.

I can always rely on Kole Young, human punching bag.

The prophecy is upon us, which means we can lose the 10th tournament.

There will be no tournament because there will not be opposition left to fight. We will be victorious.

I am Sub Zero.

He’s got the mark, I saw it.

It’s not a birthmark, Kole. it means you have been chosen.

As long as you got that marking, they are coming for you.

We didn’t win nine straight tournaments by following the rules.

Mortal Kombat Quotes

We need to find every last champion before it’s too late.

Careful, he bites.

Lucky for you, I don’t have any standards.

Years of research just destroyed.

Everyone’s got a price, name yours.

No skin off my sack.

I killed the lizard man. Any of you ripped someones heart out?

You’re one of the champions.

There it is, what you’ve been searching for.

There aren’t many of us with a marking left, so you must train harder and faster.

There is nothing for you here. Only death.

Take whatever trophies you desire, but the souls are mine.

I have come for your souls.

You think these tricks will protect you forever? Only a matter of time.

We have no time to lose, you must unlock your akana.

Maybe your akana is getting your a** kicked by a hat.

Put a f*cking shirt on Magic Mike.

They make those in men sizes?

How about you two get on your knees and take turns sucking my sac.

A laser beam, better than fireballs ya pu**y.

Your a decendant of one of the greats ninjas to ever walk this earth.

That screach is a real turn on.

You got a big mouth for someone standing on the other side of the electric fence, tough guy.

You use to be someone to fear.

You didn’t think you would actually change me, did ya?

This is not the blood of the chosen one. Your death has no worth.

Your beneath me.

Mortal Kombat Movie Quotes

Flawless victory.

Now I tear out your spin, champion.

Bada** suit, dad.

He’s about to get his soul sucked.

We are in the void.

If we are to die, it was suppose to be together.

It’s not over, we still need to fight.

Please tell me I got the b*tch with the teeth.

We save Sub Zero for last and take him out together, as a team.

Now you will die with your family.

I am Scorpion now.

You hoped I would burn in the fires of hell but instead I learned to control them.

You have freed me. Take care of my bloodline.

No matter how many of my people you put into the ground, there will always be another to take their place.

Next time I see you, I won’t bring fighters, I will bring armies.

I’ll assemble a new list of champions. You must find them.