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Netflix’s Arlo The Alligator Boy Parents Guide Movie Review

Netflix’s Arlo The Alligator Boy is a unique story, with lots of heart and a grade A+ in music. Check out all the details in my parents guide movie review.

Arlo The Alligator Boy Parents Guide Movie Review

Netflix’s Arlo The Alligator Boy is dropping on the streaming service tomorrow, April 16th. Netflix has really stood out in the animation world as of late, and giving a platform for animated movies and series which may have never come to creation otherwise and it is paying off! This new movie is fun, quirky and most of all, contains some amazingly catchy songs the whole family will enjoy. Check out the details in my parents guide movie review.

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Arlo The Alligator Boy Parents Guide Movie Review

Arlo (Michael J. Woodard from American idol) is half alligator and half human, hence the title of the film. Arlo was abandoned as a baby but recently finds out he has a father in New York City, so he decides to journey there to find him. Arlo meets all sorts of characters on his journey, who quickly become friends and join him on his search to find his father.

Arlo The Alligator Boy Parents Guide Movie Review

Arlo The Alligator Boy Age Appropriate Parents Guide

Lets take a look at what parents need to know before allowing their kids to view Arlo The Alligator Boy.

Language: The film is very safe as far as profanity. Viewers will hear words like fart, heck, and freak but filmmakers had made it a point to replace cuss words with sayings like “Rickety biscuit.”

Mature Content: Arlo was abandoned as a baby and sets out to find his father, who is supposedly in New York City. This can being triggering for some children who were ever in the same sort of situation. There are some stereotypes of Southerners in the film, Arlo was taken in by a Cajun woman living in the swamp of Louisiana and people in that area are being depicted as poor and uneducated.

Overall Thoughts

Where Arlo The Alligator Boy excels is in the music, which was done by Alex Geringas and Ryan Crego. The movie goes above and beyond to not only bring fun and catchy songs but to also cast amazing vocal talent, having American Idol contestant Michael J. Woodard voice Arlo and singer/songwriter Mary Lambert playing/voicing Bertie. The songs are plentiful as well and the movie felt very much like an animated musical with each song driving the storyline along.

The animation in Arlo The Alligator Boy is very fun and inviting. Ryan Crego, who has worked on films such as Kung Fu Panda 2 and Puss And Boots, is the creator and delivers an eye-pleasing colorful adventure. The characters in the film are quirky, cute, and relatable. You may wonder how an alligator boy can be relatable. Many of us may feel like “oddballs” at some time or another, and these characters bring heart to those who are a little quirky. An example of this is in Bertie, the giant woman, who discusses being bigger than everyone around her and while she is large, there is never a moment in the movie where she is poked fun at but only accepted by her friends.

Arlo The Alligator Boy isn’t a perfect film by any means, I found it to be a bit too long and once the gang reached New York City, I started to lose interest. The ending is totally predictable like most films of its kind, however, it is the message of the film which shines through making this “okay” film a winner in my book. The message of friendship, acceptance, and celebrating our differences is something that is timeless, and can never really be overdone especially if the message is internalized at an early age.

Arlo The Alligator Boy Parents Guide Movie Review