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Netflix’s THINGS HEARD & SEEN Parents Guide Movie Review

Netflix’s Things Heard & Seen has a great cast, but doesn’t have much to work with in its lackluster script. Check out the details in my parents guide movie review.

Things Heard & Seen Parents Guide

Netflix’s Things Heard & Seen dropped on the streaming service April 29th. The film is based off of Elizabeth Brundage’s novel called All Things Cease to Appear and stars Amanda Seyfried and James Norton. With a mix of paranormal themes as well as some mythology thrown in, this horror flick soon becomes muddled in plot. Check out the details in my parents guide movie review.

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Things Heard & Seen Movie Quotes

Things Heard & Seen Parents Guide

George (James Norton) and wife Catherine Claire (Amanda Seyfried), move to a new town so George can pursue his dream of being a professor. Catherine feels like George has made multiple sacrifices for her over the years, so she is willing to make the move. After settling into their new home, stranges things start to occur in the home and the personalities of those living in it. As Cathrine discovers there is more to the history of their home then what meets the eye, she also struggles to deal with her marriage and the spirits within her home.

Things Heard & Seen Parents Guide

Things Heard & Seen Age Appropriate Parents Guide

Lets take a look at what parents need to know before allowing their kids to view Things Heard & Seen.

Language: This film contains harsh language with profanity throughout. Words used include: sh*t, f*ck, damn and homophobic slurs.

Sexual Content: There isn’t full on sex scenes to speak of, there is implied sex and a scene which shows a man masturbating in a shower.  Not too bad as far as nudity, viewers will see characters in their underwear and a scene in which a male is looking at a females nipples through her shirt. Heavy kissing and making out is shown throughout the film.

Mature Content: The film shows gory images, bloody murders, a well as a haunting and seances. Viewers will see characters smoking pot and also a bulimic character throwing up after eating.

Overall Thoughts

Full review in video below.

Things Heard & Seen Parents Guide