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35+ Suspenseful PROFILE Movie Quotes

Profile Movie Quotes

Profile movie is coming to theaters tomorrow, May 13th. It is a suspenseful and intense film, for sure! I will have a review coming soon, so make sure to stop back by to check it out, it will be linked down below. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of the best quotes from the movie. I love me a good line and this one had some intense ones! Check out this list of 35+ most suspenseful Profile movie quotes.

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Profile Parents Guide Movie Review

Profile Movie Quotes

This is brillant.

I just shared his video and he messaged me on Facebook.

You know who else is born here, Vick? The terrorist I’m about to talk to.

Samalkha, my sister.

I’ll teach you.

We liberated the city, the citizens respect us.

How old are you, Melody?

If at some point you feel like you can’t bare it anymore, you can always end the call.

You like guns? I’ll give you plenty.

I love you baby.

I’ll save the best for when you get here.

Profile Movie Quotes

I think you are hot and you’re brave, what I admire in a man.

I can tell you are a serious man, Bliel.

Journalist, they got no principles, no morals. They’re vultures, ya know?

If you agree to marry me, I’m going to treat you like a Queen.

I need some time to think about it. I want to get to know you better.

There’s a bad sheep in every flock.

Show me your screen.

My mother always said, the order on your table is the order in your head.

The way you look at eachother, it’s just not proper.

I will buy you gold, baby. Don’t worry.

As long as I adore him, I don’t think he cares.

What if I did come and I wanted to come back for some reason?

You are more affectionate. You are more imaginative with your husband.

You and I will have extremely beautiful children.

Are you a virgin?

If you live in a society that don’t respect you…

Profile Movie Quotes

I miss those days and my mom.

I’ll give you everything you need.

I just f*cking killed someone.

One did the world a favor, you are a f*cking hero.

It’s not serious, it’s not real. It’s just a joke, isn’t it?

I’m ready to go, tell me what to do.

I just want to tell you one more time that I love you. You are my jewel.

Our children are going to be really good looking with parents like us.

He’s threatened me, I don’t think we can run the piece.

How did he get your British number?

You need to change your phone number and your address, alright?