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The Woman In The Window Quotes

The Woman In The Window drops on netflix today, May 14th. The film stars Amy Adams, Anthony Mackie and Julianne Moore, and is a suspenseful thriller! I have a movie review of this film, it is linked down below, so be sure to check it out! Of course, I have a list of some of the best and most suspenseful quotes from the film to share with you all. Check out these 45+ best and most intense The Woman In The Window quotes.

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The Woman In The Window Parents Guide Movie Review

The Woman In The Window Quotes

Tell me something good.

There goes the neighborhood.

Why not make today the day you go outside?

Right now I can see my dad from your house.

I’m not going to give out candy. I’m gonna turn the lights out and pretend I’m not home.

I’d hate to be stuck inside a house this sh*tty.

Oh, you are a shrink.

You know I have a shrink of my own.

I’m just curious if any of my family has come around to see you this evening.

I think there is somebody in my house.

Are you okay?

He’s not a bad guy. He has a lot of stress. It builds up in him and has to get it out. It’s all right.

Why are you so nice to me?

Whatever is going on over there, no matter how bad it gets, this is a safe place. You can always come here.

Don’t go looking into other peoples houses.

Give him hell, Jane.

The Woman In The Window Quotes

Anna, did you stab your neighbor?

The important thing is that every body is okay.

Are you okay, Dr. Fox?

See you at the block party.

Have you met the woman across the street?

Stop watching our house or I’ll call the police.

Why are you lying to me?

I can’t tell you.

You relationship with Ethan is inappropriate.

Stay away from my family. Please.

That proves you’re out of your mind.

Her earring is beside your bed.

She has some serious privacy issues.

He was in prison for assault.

He beats his child. I’m a child psychologist. I know how to identify a child who’s in danger, who’s being abused.

I see the way you are all looking at me. I’m not crazy.

If my husband were here, he would help. He would believe me.

The Woman In The Window Quotes

I’m sorry but your family is dead.

The acting is foolish. It doesn’t dignify our daughter.

Your family is dead.

I think you actually believe you met this lady, just like you believe you are talking to this lady.

Your doctor said your meds can cause hallucinations.

I’ve been slipping, slipping on my meds. Drinking. Getting into a really dark frame of mind.

I just really needed to be at the center of something. I needed a wake up call.

I just wish I could be forgiven.

That’s the woman I saw murdered, she said he name was Jane Russell.

Why are you so freaked out? You’re killing yourself anyway, right?

I just want to watch you go.

I don’t want to breathe bad air.

I saw your video.

I’m not gonna have to worry about you, right?

I have to go now.