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45+ Touching Netflix FATHERHOOD Quotes

Netflix Fatherhood Quotes

Netflix Fatherhood is dropping on the streaming service today, Friday June 18th. The film stars Kevin Hart, where we see him in such a different sort of role than we are use it. I will have a movie review coming soon, it will be linked down below, so be sure to stop back by to check it out. In the meantime, I wanted to share a list of some of my favorite quotes from the movie. I love me a good line and this movie had some truly touching ones. Check out this list of 45+ best and most touching Netflix Fatherhood quotes.

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Netflix Fatherhood Parents Guide Movie Review

Netflix Fatherhood Quotes

This sucks.

What does that mean when you say, “Are you really ready for this?’

Skype me while it’s happening.

I’m ready, I’m ready to dance.

I would’ve assumed you written something but you said, “No, I’m freestyling this.”

You got through that because you are strong and confident and you’ll get through this too.

Don’t tell me my wife is dead.

I’m extremely immature.

If you could have had only one parents, I wish you could have had your mom. Cause she would have been better at it.

I probably will never sleep again.

Raising a child, that’s a nonstop all day, all night affair.

I can’t do it but you know what? I’m going to do it.

I’m sorry I messed up your plan.

Netflix Fatherhood Quotes

We don’t have any control, you just have to accept that fact.

Do you have solid poops yet?

Can you stop talking?

You just have to do what’s best for her. That’s all you have to do the rest of your life.

You’ll like nuns cause nuns dress like Penguins.

Speaking of sh*t, the girl’s got some stuff flying out of her a**. It’s like a fire hose.

How do I make the crying stop?

This is a place of business. It’s not a place of babies.

I said no ringing the d*mn bell. I’m gonna kill somebody.

I know I ain’t perfect. I’m nothing. I’m a joke.

Your wife would be very proud of you.

You keep all these victories like you had today in a little box inside you. They’ll be your most prized possessions.

She needs family. And I don’t mean some woman you met in the club or on Tinders.

He loves babies, that’s why he had so many of them with so many different women.

Rules? We don’t need no stinkin’ rules.

Crazy ones mine, that’s Maddy.

I’ve been looking for new white people.

You are so smart, you definitely don’t get that from your daddy.

Zip it bonehead.

I am well aware of what my daughter doesn’t have.

I know what not to do because of my dad.

It’s like the best day ever, I feel like nothing can mess up a day like this.

You might get a little lucky if you bring me a latte.

Netflix Fatherhood Quotes

Don’t be sorry. Don’t be sorry for me.

How come when something good happens, it always gets taken away?

Welcome to not knowing the right thing to do. That’s a dad’s speciality.

It’s always just us.

How come when something good happens, it always gets taken away?

You never listen to me.

I made a deal with you when you were a baby to always try and do what’s best for you. And right now I can’t, I can’t move here.

You and your mom were the best thing that ever happened to me.

I just want to do what your mom would have wanted me to do.

You did a way better job than any of us thought you would.

I really believe in you.

Whereever you are, I want to go there.